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Balustrade made of carbon steel or stainless steel?

Dec 17, 2021 | Blog

Balustrades made of carbon steel or stainless steel?

If you build a house yourself, its external and internal appearance is certainly important to you. We would like to choose the best quality materials, we have in mind that all elements fit together and look great despite the passage of time. There are many types of railings. We compare the most popular black steel balustrades and stainless steel balustrades.
Balustrade made of carbon steel or stainless steel? | Ultramodulaa
stainless steel
This type of steel is resistant to corrosion under normal weather conditions and is not affected by certain solutions. This is due to the addition of appropriate alloying additives to the steel. Thanks to the properties of stainless steel, it is largely used in construction, including as a material for balustrades
 In addition to corrosion resistance, the aesthetics of the balustrade, which allows it to fit into the interior of the house or its surroundings, have an advantage. The characteristic shiny gloss of stainless steel, which makes the interior of a home modern, is often the main reason for choosing this type of railing. It goes well with brick, stone, wood or glass. What's more, stainless steel is resistant to high loads and high temperatures, it can be given any shape and decorations. Stainless steel railings do not require additional maintenance and it is very easy to keep them clean.
Balustrade made of carbon steel or stainless steel? | Ultramodulaa
black steel
Black steel is a material that is readily used in the production of various types of balustrades, fences and gates. After galvanization, the steel is very durable, ensuring many years of functionality. Balustrades made of black steel will fit into the modern and industrial style. The possibility of powder coating black steel creates many color possibilities for the balustrades.
Black steel owes its color to the combination of iron and carbon alloys. Due to its high hardness and plasticity, it can be easily modeled, therefore black steel is a material widely used in industry. From steel profiles, bars, flat bars, tees, sections and pipes, we create extremely fashionable minimalist designs of balustrades, handrails as well as gates and fences that conquer the market.

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