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Container office - How to develop a company at low cost?

May 8, 2023 | Blog

Every company that wants to develop, at some stage of growth, must face the need to expand the office and its headquarters. Hiring new employees, organizing meetings with clients or storing documentation requires appropriate space that meets the standards set by law and ensures comfort for both employees and customers. How to ensure an effective and functional workplace without incurring high costs? Why it might be the solution container office and what makes it an increasingly popular choice among entrepreneurs, you will learn from this article! 


What is an office container and how is it built?

Office container is built on the base container transport, adapted to the needs and requirements that it must meet office. It is a solid and durable metal structure that meets the stringent quality and safety standards set by the extremely demanding logistics industry. Containers are characterized by great versatility and, depending on the needs, they can be adapted for many different purposes: they are also used as houses cottages, warehouses and even apartments!
In the process of adaptation to the customer's needs, the office container is equipped with all the elements necessary for comfortable work and required by Polish law, such as insulation thermal and acoustic, windows, doors, electrical, sewage and water installations, heating and ventilation. Depending on your needs and personal preferences, the containers can be finished in almost any way, both aesthetically and functionally. Color, furniture, floor material – all this can be selected according to your expectations!
If you want, you can buy a raw container and adapt it to the office yourself, but there are many companies, such as Ultramodula, that sell ready-made solutions - possible to use as an office from the moment of purchase and installation in the selected place 

Office containers

Office containers | Ultramodule


Why is it worth choosing a container as an office for a growing company?

The key benefit is, of course, cost reduction - office containers allow for quick and effective expansion of the company with low financial outlay. You can buy a container tailored to the needs of the office for an amount ranging from PLN 17000 to PLN 27000 and... this is often where the larger expenses end. Container the office is easy to maintain, rarely requires renovation, and thanks to high-quality insulation, its heating is not associated with high costs. The purchase and assembly process usually takes several weeks - faster than finding premises suitable for an office and incomparably faster than building dedicated building.
Another advantage of offices container is their mobility - unlike classic buildings, they are not permanently connected to the ground and, if necessary, you can move them to another place. It is a great convenience - imagine that you want to enlarge your company's branch in Krakow and reduce it in Wrocław. In this case, it is enough to transport the office ready and ready for work - providing new employees with a high-quality workplace in just a few hours!
Containers are also friendly to the planet, and their production and use generate much less waste than traditional construction. This will be especially appreciated by companies building the image of a socially conscious and responsible brand, for which the choice of a container may turn out to be a bull's-eye in terms of image.
Just like transport, expanding the office is just as easy containerthanks to modular construction. Containers can be combined with each other almost freely, achieving the desired usable space, adequate to current needs. Importantly, the containers can be expanded both horizontally and vertically - this means that the office can be enlarged without the need, for example, to buy new land.
A wide range of advantages makes containers suitable for both small and large companies - they are chosen by both start-ups and large corporations that can easily temporarily increase their "processing capacity" or build a temporary office, e.g. in the vicinity headquarters of a key client.
They are also often used in service or catering activities - nothing stands in the way of serving customers in them!


Health and safety regulations that must be met by an office container

When building an office, remember about the legal regulations that it must meet - regardless of whether we choose a container or a classic building.
The workplace must provide appropriate conditions for employees in terms of natural and artificial lighting, temperature, air exchange, humidity, vibrations and other factors harmful to health or simply onerous and disturbing at work. Care should also be taken to provide adequate social and sanitary facilities, such as a kitchen, bathroom or shower.
If you decide to adapt the container yourself to health and safety regulations - it can be a difficult task. Remember, however, that the potential consequences are not only the low comfort of your employees, but also severe penalties and sanctions that may result from sanitary inspections, but also damages that your employees can legally claim if the workplace has adversely affected, for example, their health. About how to make your container office met the key requirements:

How to ensure proper lighting in an office container?

One of the basic working conditions in office there is access to natural light - an office container should be equipped with windows of appropriate dimensions and arrangement. It is best if they are PVC models that provide good thermal and acoustic insulation. You should also take care of artificial lighting, adapted to the type of work performed. It is recommended to use LED lamps that emit light similar to natural and consume little energy.

How to maintain the right temperature, humidity and ventilation in an office container?

Another aspect of occupational health and safety in the office is to ensure appropriate temperature, humidity and air ventilation. The office container must be well insulated and protected against weather conditions. This is achieved by using mineral wool in combination with a vapor barrier foil, which is an insulating layer of the walls and roof of the container. The thickness of the wool should be about 100 mm, and the film tightly fixed. In addition, the inner walls of the container are covered with a laminated board - it increases insulation and facilitates interior arrangement.
Adequate ventilation in container office space can be provided by installing tilt windows or wall ventilators, but in some cases it may be necessary to use air conditioning.

How to equip social and sanitary facilities in an office container?

Construction office containers | Ultramodule

Construction office containers | Ultramodule

The last element of health and safety regulations concerning office container there are social and sanitary facilities. Each office must have access to a toilet with a sink and a kitchenette, enabling employees to prepare a meal and leave their belongings, such as a coat or lunch. Depending on the function and size of the office, these facilities can be more or less extensive, but even in the minimal variant, you should provide an electric kettle, microwave, fridge and storage cabinets.
As in the case of the kitchenette, the bathroom area can be designed depending on the needs. In a small office for a few people, a toilet with a sink is enough, while in a larger office or on a construction site, it is worth considering adding a shower.
As you can see, an office container must meet many legal requirements regarding occupational health and safety. However, you do not have to deal with it yourself - choosing the right manufacturer will save you both time and money, and the ordered container will be immediately adapted to work and meet all legal requirements. Reliable producer will also be able to adjust the container to your individual needs and advise on the selection of optimal solutions based on their own experience - this is exactly what you can expect by choosing Ultramodula office container!

How to choose the right office container? 

Office containers

Container office

The choice of an office container depends on many factors, such as:

  • the number and type of jobs to be included in it
  • additional functions to be performed by the office (e.g. conference room, archive, back room social)
  • budget and time for the project
  • individual preferences

Before buying or renting an office container, it is worth carefully analyzing your needs and expectations, as well as checking the solutions available on the market. When you decide to buy from a trusted manufacturer, you usually don't have to worry about quality - such companies produce hundreds containers annually and have implemented rigorous quality tests.


Does an office container require a building permit?

If you want to place a container on a plot, you need to know whether it will require a building permit. Unfortunately, this is only a seemingly simple question! And the answer depends on several factors, such as when and how the container was used, its connection to the ground or legal status.

Right construction exempts from the obligation to obtain a building permit in the case of temporary structures that are not permanently attached to the ground and do not pose a threat to human life or health. Such objects include, among others: office containers, if they meet the following conditions:

  • are intended for use for a period not longer than 180 days in a calendar year
  • they are not connected to the ground by foundations or connections
  • they do not affect land development or technical conditions of buildings
  • they do not require arrangements with other authorities or entities

If you plan to erect an office container on such terms, all you need to do is report it to the competent architectural and construction administration authority before starting work. The application should include, among others:

  • personal details or name of the investor
  • location and description of the property
  • type and characteristics of the object
  • start and end date of work

Otherwise, you probably need to get a building permit - it's important to do it before installing the container! You can submit a building permit for an office container to the poviat starosty or city office with poviat rights. Before submitting your application, you must prepare the following documents:

  • construction design of an office container made by an authorized designer
  • a declaration of the right to dispose of the real estate
  • a certificate of zoning and land development conditions or a decision on determining the location of a public purpose investment
  • geotechnical or geological opinion
  • opinion of the sanitary and fire department
  • consent of the owner of the utilities network (water, sewage, electricity, gas)
  • proof of payment of stamp duty

The application for a building permit is considered within 65 days from the date of submission. Often it is simply a formality, but if it fails and the application is rejected - remember that you always have the option of appealing to the local government appeals board.
As you can see, a building permit for an office cabin is not always required, depending on individual circumstances. In case of doubts as to the legal situation of your container officebest to consult a legal advisor. Failure to comply with the construction law may result in a fine or even disassembly of the office container, so it is worth getting knowledge on this subject from people with appropriate qualifications in this field.



An office container is a modern and economical solution ideal for companies in the phase of growth and development. Thanks to low production and operating costs, ease of assembly, disassembly and mobility, the office container allows you to create a comfortable and functional workplace without incurring high costs; and its flexibility allows you to adjust it to your own individual needs. And all this in an environmentally friendly way! 

Have questions or concerns? Or maybe you want to buy an office container? Contact us and we will help you make the optimal decision!

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