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Step by step guide to building a container house

sea ​​9, 2023 | Blog

Step by step guide to building a container house

Building house z container

 Raging prices on the real estate market, the desire to quickly own your own M, as well as the growing ecological awareness of the young generation make it domy container have been gaining popularity in recent years as an economical, environmentally friendly and innovative alternative to traditional buildings. Although many people associate such objects with metal containers straight from the square constructionit's modern houses Containers are elegant, durable and, most importantly, fully functional. So how does the construction of a container house go step by step? It's easier than it seems, and the effect is surprising.


Step 1: Planning and Design

At the very beginning of the road to building a house with containers there is a project. The starting point is to decide on the target area building. After determining this parameter, it is time to design the functional layout and style of the interior. At this stage, consideration should be given to issues such as:

  • the number of container-modules to be composed of sun,
  • size of individual modules,
  • functional purpose of the rooms (e.g. number of bedrooms or bathrooms),
  • arrangement of containers in relation to each other and arrangement on the plot,
  • location of doors and windows.

It is good to entrust designing to professionals: an architect or an experienced manufacturer. It is worth taking advantage of expert advice so that the house is fully functional and its construction meets all safety requirements.

A house on a plot from a container

The cottage from the container


Step 2: formalities, i.e. permission to build a house made of containers

A great advantage houses container it is possible to place them without complicated formalities. Manufacturers often present this type of buildings as an example of residential buildings that can be erected without a building permit. And in fact in some cases it is true. However, it is worth knowing that such an interpretation of the law consists of a wide range of factors that ultimately affect whether a permit is mandatory or whether notification to a designated administrative authority is sufficient.

At this stage of construction, you need to analyze the situation very carefully, because the law construction is complicated in this regard. This is often not as clear and simple as you can sometimes read on the websites of the selling companies containers. That is why it is worth choosing the services of proven manufacturers. Not only does this ensure a high-quality container (which is very important, since it is to be used as a home), but you can also receive support from experts who will show you how to implement the entire investment in accordance with the law.


Step 3: Preparing the plot for building a container house

This phase of the project primarily includes activities such as clearing and leveling the site. This is crucial because residential containers it is placed on a very small foundation and proper leveling of the ground is essential. Depending on the ground conditions, the construction of the foundation may vary. It is worth relying on the manufacturer's opinions, because the requirements for the base for the house will also depend on the construction of the containers and the design of the entire facility, including whether it will be one-story or two-story.


Step 4: Installations

The next step is to bring the necessary installations, i.e. electrical and sanitary. Since the container houses have internal installations installed immediately during production, it is necessary to consult the manufacturer's expert so that all outlets prepared in the plot are appropriate. The power of the electrical installation and the appropriate cross-sections of wires are important, because in most cases habitable containers heating is provided by electric heaters.


Step 5: Assembling the container house

After preparing the site and bringing all the installations, you can start assembling the house. Depending on the project, this stage will take place in different ways. In the case of a house made of one container, the whole operation will take only a moment. Such buildings are erected in the indicated place using a crane or HDS, and it takes literally a dozen or so minutes, and then all that remains is to connect electricity and water.

It looks a bit different when the house design consists of several or a dozen modules. Their connection takes a bit more time and requires specialist skills, so it is worth leaving it to an experienced manufacturer who will supervise the entire process of assembly, stacking and connecting containers.


Step 6: Interior finishes

When a house made of a container or several containers is already erected and connected to the installation, you can start finishing the interior. This is an important step, on which the final comfort and appearance of the house will depend. This includes laying out the selected floor finish, painting the walls and ceilings, as well as furnishing the kitchen and bathroom - just like in a traditional apartment. 

Unlike a house built in traditional technology, container house however, it does not need an external finish. Ready objects are delivered in a pre-selected finish, usually walls made of painted sheet metal or with a wooden facade.


Step 7: Moving!

Building a house container is, like any construction, an exciting project, but it is much easier than the traditional version and can be completed in significantly less time. By following the steps presented and working with experienced manufacturers, you can easily build a functional, comfortable and beautiful home.

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For whom can a container house be a good option?

Certainly, it is a perfect solution for young people starting their adult life. The idea of ​​​​container houses is perfectly reflected in the saying tight but own. It is known that for every young person own "four corners" is an important stage in life and often a dream difficult to achieve. In addition to the low cost of purchasing such a building, the small plot of land required to erect it makes this solution easily accessible to a much larger group of people than a traditional house or apartment. Houses built in container technology are also an interesting option for people who value minimalism and care deeply about ecology.

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