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Modular construction - learn about its advantages

Jan 20, 2023 | Blog

Who of us did not play with blocks in childhood - whether it was Lego or wooden elements? Creating buildings from them was extremely simple, but also developed imagination. The limited number of sizes of individual blocks made building easier, while at the same time motivating for logical thinking. It works the same way, only on a larger scale modular construction. It is becoming more and more popular due to numerous advantages over traditional methods construction at location. In short, this type of construction is the process of manufacturing building blocks off-site, and then transporting them to the final destination for assembly.


Quality under full control

Modular buildings owe their high quality to the off-site production process. The production of individual objects takes place at carpet production with the use of professional equipment, in fully controlled conditions, and what is extremely important, in compliance with all construction standards. The modular structure is therefore made in an environment with controlled temperature, humidity and no dust, which reduces the risk of any construction irregularities. In addition, assembling components such as doors or windows in factory conditions allows for greater precision and better quality control.

It is not without significance that modular buildings arrive at the final assembly site already equipped with all installations: electricity, water and sewage and heating. Each of their elements is made in safe factory conditions by a team of experienced professionals.


Express pace of implementation

The main advantage of modular construction is a very short implementation time. Since the components are manufactured off-site, their production can start before the final location is even ready, e.g. before water is connected to the plot. Modular construction allows work to be carried out in parallel - when individual elements are assembled in the production hall, foundations can be created on the construction site. This translates into significantly faster implementation, and additionally also the time needed to produce the object container much, much shorter than the traditional one building. It is also worth noting that in the case of facilities assembled in factories, weather-related delays do not actually occur.

The assembly of objects in the final location is extremely fast. Individual elements are transported by a car equipped with HDS and placed on previously prepared foundations. It takes only a dozen or so minutes, and then all that remains is to connect the installation to the infrastructure.


Good price

Considering the advantages of modular construction, it is impossible not to emphasize the price. The costs of building a modular house or other facility in this technology are incomparably lower than any other building. This is due, among others, to the shorter time needed to produce them, which results in lower labor costs, as well as the cost-optimal production technology and materials. In addition, components are manufactured in a controlled environment with greater efficiency, which translates into an optimized amount of materials needed and fewer errors.

Modular houses promotion

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The construction of modular houses

Another advantage of modular buildings is their construction - giving a wide range of arrangement possibilities, but above all durable and made of the highest quality materials. Thanks to this, buildings in this technology can be used in commercial, residential and industrial buildings.


From the top…

The roof of a good quality modular house should be made of durable sheet metal, preferably in the form of a "seam", which is not only durable and easy to assemble, but also looks modern and is available in many colors from the RAL palette. It is also important to maintain the right angle of inclination of the roof so that snow and rain can flow freely from it. Most often it is a slope angle of 30%. Reputable manufacturers provide solid roof insulation - this is important for the subsequent heating of the building in the winter. The optimum construction is mineral wool with a thickness of 200 mm combined with a roof membrane and a vapor barrier foil.

… down

For the strength of the entire facility, the structure must be welded from good quality steel sections (preferably cold-formed, 4 mm thick), and the columns should be bolted to the upper and lower frames. The walls of modular houses from renowned manufacturers guarantee the heat transfer coefficient: U=0,2 W/(m²*K), thanks to the use of mineral wool insulation.

Modern look

Modern modular construction no longer has anything to do with sheet metal containers 20 or 30 years ago. Buildings awarded in architectural competitions are often made of ready-made "building blocks": domy residential, hotels or other public facilities, and many well-known architects sign such buildings with their name. 

From the outside…

Modular houses They owe their elegant appearance primarily to the unconventional façade. The combination of natural pine boards with steel elements and the latest generation window and door joinery creates an eye-catching shape. In addition, the right choice of colors allows you to design a building that no one will pass by indifferently.

… and inside

Cottages modular ones offered by the best manufacturers are also beautifully finished inside. The walls are covered with laminated board or pine board, or OSB board and PVC panels. This allows you to arrange the interior in both classic and ultra-modern styles.

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Who is modular construction for?

The answer is simple: for everyone. This technology allows you to build both small objects and complex structures. It can be a great choice as a first standalone flat for a young person starting adult life. It will also work as a residence for wealthy admirers of original architecture. It can be used in residential and service construction or as a cost-optimized option for public utility facilities, such as clinics or offices. Advantages such as low price, fast delivery time and excellent quality make modular construction more and more popular all over the world every year.

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