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An interesting business idea - gastronomic pavilions

Jan 12, 2023 | Blog


Pavilion gastronomic | Ultramodulae

Starting a business in the food service industry can be a challenging but rewarding endeavor. Strong competition, demanding customers and constantly new dietary trends combine to form a difficult challenge. To achieve success, you need to carefully analyze the environment, create a detailed business plan, and most importantly, have a surprising idea for the type of premises you run. If you are not a famous chef, it is not worth looking for uniqueness in the menu. It is better to bet on proven, popular flavors. So how do you attract attention? Form. One of the ideas that has been gaining popularity in recent years is the concept pavilions restaurants. This is a perfect solution because it is easy to design in an unusual way, without incurring exorbitant costs.

What are gastronomic pavilions?

pavilions gastronomy are objects built analogously to containers transport. They are easily customizable, making them ideal for restaurateurs who want to offer a unique customer experience. A containerized restaurant can be designed to match any theme or decor and thus stand out from the competition. Interestingly though gastronomic pavilions have been known for many years, only recently have they become more and more popular. This is due to the fact that they are an ecological way construction restaurant. Containers they are made of steel, which is a very durable and recyclable material. If you build your own premises using a used one container shipping, you can reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment by reusing resources that would otherwise be thrown away. However, when starting your first business, it is worth betting on a new gastronomic pavilion from a proven manufacturer to avoid complications.

gastronomic pavilion

Gastronomy pavilion | Ultramodulae


An idea for a catering business and what next?

The first step to setting up pavilion restaurant is the decision on the location. The ideal location should be easily accessible, have plenty of foot traffic, and ideally be close to other attractions. Premises container they are an excellent alternative to traditional restaurants and can often be found in city parks, next to shopping centers or other public places. 

After selecting the location, the next step is to develop the concept. It should be based on the food served and the desired atmosphere. The pavilion must be designed to create a unique place that will attract customers. It is worth starting cooperation with an experienced manufacturer who will advise and help you choose the optimal solutions.

Once you have purchased the right pavilion for yourself, there is not much left to do. It is enough to prepare a foundation of ready-made foundation blocks in the place intended for the premises - such an operation will not take more than 1 day - and wait for the order to be delivered. The pavilions are erected using a crane or HDS, and it takes literally several minutes. It is worth noting that this form of assembly allows you to quickly move the object when the need arises. It is the flexibility of responding to the needs of the changing market that no other building offers.

Advantages of gastronomic pavilions

In addition to the unconventional form, gastronomic pavilions have a number of other advantages. Among the most important are:

  • low construction costs
  • easy to arrange for your own needs
  • mobility

An interesting business idea - gastronomic pavilions | Ultramodulae

We can easily transport the pavilions to a convenient place


Low costs

Buildingeven very small building or renovation of an existing one to adapt it to the needs of gastronomy, it is a significant cost. Often unbearable when starting your own business. If you want to start a restaurant business, you can also think about renting, but even here the amounts will be staggering, especially in larger cities. Catering pavilions are available in various sizes and equipment versions. When opening your first restaurant or bar, you can choose a version with small dimensions, achievable for everyone, even a very small budget. 

Starting your own business, regardless of the industry, is always associated with risk. Choice container pavilion as a place for a dining establishment significantly reduces the amount that needs to be incurred to start. Thus, it limits the possible loss, because when after some time you give up running a business, such a small pavilion can be easily resold. For a traditional building, the resale process is much more complicated, and in the case of renting, the costs incurred cannot be recovered.

Arrangement for your own concept

When buying an object from a reputable manufacturer, you can adapt it to your plans: add glazing, internal partition walls or choose the color of the metal sheet it is made of. This is very important, because in a competitive restaurant business, the key to success is to draw the attention of a potential customer at the outset.

Catering pavilion

Gastronomic pavilion visualization | Ultramodulae

The visual concept must also be turned into a functional design - and here the role of the contractor of the facility is particularly important. Good companies producing gastronomic pavilions will not only advise how to design all installations, but also prepare them in the selected configuration. This is of great importance in the case of restaurants, where the electrical or sanitary installations must work flawlessly and be adapted to the specifics of the menu served in the premises. A pastry shop will have a different demand than an American restaurant serving grilled burgers.

Ease of assembly and mobility

The container structure of the gastronomic pavilions allows them to be easily moved. This is especially important when located in a large shopping center, where changes of location may be required in terms of seasonal events, the organization of outdoor cinemas or cultural events such as concerts or festivals. It is also crucial for seasonal establishments, for example fish bars in seaside holiday resorts. Ease of transport of the pavilions significantly reduces its costs. Transporting such an object from place to place does not require very specialized equipment - a car with HDS is enough.

Check out our offer of gastronomic pavilions and more:


Which restaurants will the gastronomic pavilion be suitable for?

Container pavilions can be used to create a variety of restaurant concepts, from fast-food bars to artistic boutique restaurants. By choosing the right decor and furniture, you can build an elegant place with an exclusive menu. They will also be great as craft beer halls, cozy tea rooms or places like food & wine with an extensive wine list.

However, catering pavilions are most often used in several cases:

  • Fast-food because they require minimal setup and most of the necessary hardware is not bulky. In addition, in their case, low purchase costs are a particularly important argument.
  • Cafes, tea rooms, pastry shops are another great option for restaurants container. The container can be easily converted into a cozy cafe, with plenty of seating, a kitchen and all the necessary equipment.
  • Pizzerias are also a type of premises that can be easily placed in gastronomic pavilions, because all the necessary equipment for making pizza does not take up much space, it can be visible to guests.


The simple structure of the gastronomic pavilions makes them suitable for any idea for a restaurant, bar or cafe, and their price makes them available to every starting entrepreneur.

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