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Can the living containers be used in winter?

Jan 24, 2023 | Blog

Tight but own – this proverb perfectly conveys the idea containers which for several years have become an increasingly popular alternative to traditional construction. For many people considering the purchase of such a solution, one of the first questions is the hesitation whether z habitable containers can be used in winter. After all, such buildings are ordinary tinplates, so how will they provide warmth during the cold months? Thanks to the use of appropriate materials and durable construction.


Snow and frost are no problem

Modern containers residential buildings are structures that have little in common with the old sheet metal buildings. They are made of high-quality materials, based on a durable, solid construction and equipped with all necessary installations. These are fully functional, year-round apartments, for which even a cold winter is not a challenge. However, certain conditions must be met.


The basis is good insulation

The key to ensuring the possibility of living in container winter is good insulation. Without an appropriate protective layer, the temperature inside container can drop significantly, making it not only uncomfortable but also potentially dangerous. Traditional shipping containers they are made of steel, which is not a sufficient insulator. Therefore, it is necessary to properly protect the walls, roof and floor of the container to prevent heat loss. Reputable manufacturers use mineral wool with a thickness of about 100 mm, necessarily in combination with a vapor barrier foil. The second insulating layer is a laminated board fastened from the inside. 

One of the decisive elements affecting thermal comfort is the roof structure. As you know, the most heat escapes up the mountain (who among us doesn't remember how when we were children, our mother used to say to put on a hat, because it's coldest from the top of the head?). As in the case of walls, the roof is insulated with mineral wool and foil. Proper insulation is crucial for the comfort of living in winter.


Efficient heating system

Another important factor to consider is heating. Many houses container uses small, efficient heating systems such as electric heaters. This is an optimal solution that quickly heats up a small area and allows comfortable use of residential containers in winter. It is worth remembering, however, that this type of heating system requires a well-designed electrical installation with adequate power. By choosing a product from an experienced manufacturer, we can be sure that the "electrics" are checked and adapted to the requirements of the installed radiators, and thus, in winter we will not face an unpleasant surprise in the form of no heating or frequent power failures.


Tight windows and proper ventilation

Window and door joinery are also an important factor when using residential containers in winter. Single-glazed windows can pass a lot of heat, and thus are not energy-efficient and make it difficult to ensure the right temperature inside. It is worth betting on modern PVC windows and checking the permeability coefficients offered by the container seller.

In addition to airtight windows and well-insulated doors, it is also important to provide adequate ventilation to prevent moisture and mold buildup. In the winter months, small spaces can easily accumulate water vapor. Select to prevent this living container equipped with a ventilation system that ensures the movement of air inside the apartment.

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The use of residential containers in winter is full comfort

Thinking about container house you can be afraid of the quality of workmanship, as well as the conditions that will prevail inside it during the cold winter. Properly constructed containers do not generate any problems in these areas. Apartment in the container it can therefore be a unique and cost-effective housing option, but it is important to consider the potential challenges involved and choose a model from a reputable manufacturer that will provide thermal comfort all year round.

All in all, living in a shipping container can be comfortable in the winter if proper insulation and heating are installed. With proper preparation sun containerized fully functional and inexpensive to maintain.

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