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Why is it worth choosing a container for a store?

Dec 9, 2022 | Blog

container shop

A shop with containers

Opening your own store is like any business a big challenge. At the beginning, in addition to the idea for the assortment and finding reliable suppliers, you need to have a place where you can conduct commercial activities. The choice of location is a key decision, both in terms of costs and creating the character of the store. Until recently container in the store was associated with a poor quality "tin" - ugly and non-functional. Modern pavilions container these are solutions of a completely different class.


In what industry will a container for a shop work?

contemporary containers designed for shops are elegant pavilions that can be flexibly adapted to the needs of various industries. One of the popular functions they perform are small newsagents or so-called traffic kiosks, where, in addition to the press, you can buy various stationery, small sweets or toys. Pavilions are also popular with the food industry - you can often find bakeries located in containers, with several tables where customers can eat their baked goods.

It is worth choosing a container for a grocery store, a general store or just a general store. Its simple building gives wide possibilities of arranging a large number of racks for general cargo. Complementing pavilion larger glazing, it can be arranged as an elegant clothing or shoe boutique. A full glass display case enables an interesting display of goods, which will encourage customers to visit the store.

Store container

Commercial container - Ultramodulae


Advantages of container stores

The popularity of containers used as stores is constantly growing. This is for several reasons - they have many advantages that make them an ideal place to do business.

First, low costs

Build your own building for the store is very expensive. The price of renting space in large shopping centers or shopping centers is also not cheap, and at the same time it is a fixed cost incurred regardless of the turnover in a given month. The container is an excellent alternative to both of these proposals. It is inexpensive to purchase and its maintenance costs are low. Pavilions with an area of ​​6 m are available on the market2which are a good starting point. With the development of business, the pavilion can be expanded. There is also the possibility of renting container to the shop. Although a fixed cost is then generated, it is significantly less than the price of space in any other location.


The containers have a modular structure. In practice, this means that you can zoom in at any time supermarket for more modules. Interestingly, it is possible to expand not only horizontally, but also "vertical", i.e. upwards. Professional pavilions can be stacked. For this to be possible, they must be properly structured. Reputable manufacturers take care of the solid construction of the offered ones containers. It is worth making sure that the selected container is made to a good standard. The frame in a high-quality facility should be made of cold-formed sections with a thickness of 4 mm. In order for the whole container to be really strong, the columns bolted to the upper and lower frames must also be made of durable sections, preferably cold-bent. Only such a durable construction allows for stacking. And this is an interesting option, because on a smaller area of ​​land, you can fit a larger retail space.

Short lead time and easy assembly

First of all, a container for a shop does not require a lengthy process of obtaining building consent. If the conditions specified in the construction law are met (Article 29(1)), it is enough to notify the appropriate authority, most often the District Office.

The process of ordering and “building” is also short pavilion commercial. The first and often the longest stage is to match the option that matches the store you run. By choosing cooperation with an experienced manufacturer, you can shorten this process, because experienced employees will optimally advise you on what is best to choose. When the project is ready, it remains to order and wait for implementation. At the "construction" site, all you need to do is prepare the foundation from ready-made foundation blocks, which will not take more than one day. The container is placed on the foundations using a crane or HDS, and it takes several minutes.


Why is it worth choosing a store container from a reputable manufacturer?

Various models and sizes are available in the market pavilions are offered by many smaller and larger companies. Do they differ and should price be the main selection factor? To answer your second question: Certainly not. As it often happens, the price goes hand in hand with the quality. The first question requires a longer answer.

The main difference between pavilion models is the previously mentioned structure, as well as the type of walls and roof and their insulation. This is crucial for two reasons: work comfort and store heating costs. Optimal insulation should consist of mineral wool approximately 100 mm thick and a vapor barrier foil. Only this type of construction guarantees that it will be warm enough in the winter and that it will not be excessively hot inside in the summer.

Another factor categorizing containers is the possibility of their configuration. By purchasing a model from an experienced manufacturer, with good technical facilities, you can adjust the building to your expectations. Properly design installations (electrical and sanitary), arrange lighting, add partition walls, and choose the size of glazing. In cheaper containers, the range of individual modifications is limited.

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The store container keeps up with the changes in the market

Finally, it is worth mentioning one more advantage of containers: mobility. Speed, ease and low assembly costs allow you to move the store from place to place without any problems. This is particularly important for seasonal businesses, such as souvenir shops in tourist destinations. Having a small container for a shop in a seaside town, you can sell shells and fridge magnets in it in the summer, and organize a Christmas decorations fair in the winter. At the same time, when the pavilion is not used, it does not generate any costs.

The mobility of containers also means the possibility of changing the location of the store or its location of the display window, so that it is easier for customers to notice. The simple construction also allows for quick and trouble-free rearrangement of the interior.

Do you already know why it is worth choosing a container for a store?

As you can see, container stores actually have only advantages. They are cheap, easy to maintain, can be bought or rented and can change as the business grows. Modern and elegant structures will work in any industry, and their size and design can be adjusted to individual expectations.

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