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Additional container equipment

Feb 8, 2023 | Blog

The times when containers performed only transport functions are a thing of the past - it's a bit like saying that smartphones are only used for making phone calls. Contemporary objects container are used as offices, shops, service premises, warehouses, hotels, domy and apartments, and even hospitals. The list of possibilities seems endless. New tasks, however, require additional solutions. What is sufficient for the transport or storage of goods is certainly not sufficient for residential functions. So what additional equipment containers can you count when planning such a building?


Let's start from the beginning…

... that is, from the entrance. Standard shipping containers be too warehouse are equipped with steel gates. This is an ergonomic solution, because the wide entrance facilitates loading and unloading, and also allows for easy maneuvering of pallet trucks. However, this option will not work in containers service, office or residential buildings - these types of facilities are usually equipped with classic doors measuring 90×200 cm. In the basic version, they are made of steel. choosing container from a reputable manufacturer, you can not only change the size of the door, but also the number and location.

Doors play an important role in any type of facility container. It is worth noting that additional equipment for containers can also be anti-burglary protection used in the case of warehouses or protection of containers at construction sites.


Window to the world

While in containers intended for the transport of goods, windows are not so much unnecessary as they would actually be an inconvenience. However, offices, shops, residential and service premises cannot function without windows. Therefore, they are the second key additional equipment containers. Window joinery in the case of small containers intended for residential purposes usually consists of 2 windows measuring 113,5 × 86,5 cm. The case is quite different for pavilions used as shops, cafes or other service premises. There, the size of the windows, or rather glazing, is designed individually depending on the investor's idea and the functional needs of the facility.

Renting or buying a container?

Office container | Ultramodule

An interesting element of the additional equipment of containers, especially office and residential ones, are anti-burglary roller shutters. This solution is offered by reputable manufacturers and will work perfectly in offices that are closed in the afternoon and at weekends.


Comfort and warmth are mandatory, not additional equipment of residential containers

If the container is to serve residential purposes, it must be heated. Of course, the basis for thermal comfort in such facilities is proper insulation thermal, but even the best insulated building cannot do without an additional heat source in winter. Manufacturers offer heating systems powered by electricity as additional equipment for containers. These are most often electric heaters as well as air conditioning systems. The latter solution is also applicable during periods of high external temperatures, as it allows for cooling the rooms.

Container inside | Ultramodule

Container inside | Ultramodule

Properly designed heating sources are also necessary in containers used as service premises, offices or cafes and restaurants. In these cases, the insulation itself building also not enough.


Sanitary and social facilities for employees

One of the most popular applications of containers are sanitary and social facilities on construction sites. Today it is difficult to imagine a large construction without at least a few container buildings. There is no question that construction workers need a place to change before and after work. A bathroom with a toilet and even a small kitchen are also mandatory. All these areas are specified in national health and safety regulations. In accordance with the regulation of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy on general occupational health and safety regulations, for the back office social rooms are considered to be:

  • changing rooms,
  • washrooms,
  • paragraphs,
  • shower rooms,
  • dining rooms (except canteens),
  • shelter from the cold,
  • rooms for washing, decontamination, drying, dedusting of work or protective clothing.
Container shower | Ultramodule

shower in container | Ultramodule

Importantly, each of these features can be placed in the container just as an accessory. High-quality containers offered by proven manufacturers can be equipped with both bathrooms with showers and toilets with sinks. In addition, such manufacturers offer the possibility of dividing the space with partition walls in accordance with the customer's design, which significantly facilitates the construction of changing rooms.

No office, even the smallest one, can do without functional sanitary and social facilities - even if only a few people work there. Also in such a situation, the employer is obliged to provide fully functional social rooms.


Additional equipment of the containers means the possibility of modification

A surprising additional equipment of the containers may be ... the lack of a wall. Of course, this term is taken with a grain of salt. An important element often offered by manufacturers is the ability to combine two or more objects into one structure. And this is possible thanks to the elimination of one of the walls. This solution is a great advantage of containers - it allows you to easily modify existing structures, e.g. expand the store along with the development of sales or expand the bakery with a coffee corner, where customers will be able to eat purchased cookies or buns on the spot, sipping them with good, freshly roasted coffee.

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