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Summer house made of containers

sea ​​11, 2023 | Blog

summer house from a container

Home holiday home with containers

The cottage A holiday home in the mountains or by the water is the dream of many people. After purchasing a recreational plot, finding the perfect solution for a cozy and functional living space is not an easy challenge. It is worth considering a holiday home with containers. Thanks to their durability, affordability and versatility, such buildings are becoming more and more popular in the construction industry as an attractive alternative to traditional building materials.


Why is it worth building a summer house from containers?

Objects like houses holiday homes are not permanently inhabited, they are used only on weekends, not all year round. For this reason, they must be particularly resistant to weather conditions. Construction and materials from which it is made containers, have been selected to withstand extreme weather conditions. They are made of steel and built to withstand heavy loads during transport. This means they are also highly resistant to damage from fire, wind and water. Properly maintained container transport material can last up to 25 years or more, making it an ideal material for construction long-lived holiday home. And this is certainly the number 1 argument for choosing a summer house made of containers for your plot. What other advantages does this solution have?

Fast turnaround time and low costs

Recreation house is usually located at a considerable distance from the permanent residence, therefore long-term building is complicated. It is not easy to keep an eye on the progress of work being a hundred or two hundred kilometers away. As you know, building a traditional house takes a lot of time and is expensive. On the other hand, you often have to wait for the popular wooden huts, even several months. In this respect, a summer house made of containers is unrivaled. Putting one up building it is a matter of a maximum of a few weeks, and sometimes a few or several days. 

While the ordered container is being produced, all you need to do is prepare the foundation from ready-made foundation blocks, but it certainly won't take more than one day, and provide the appropriate electrical and water installations. Containers are placed at the destination using a crane or HDS, and it takes only several minutes.

A very important aspect is the price: a summer house made of containers is inexpensive. Objects with an area of ​​6 m are available on the market2, 12 and 15 meter sizes are also popular. This area is completely sufficient to create a family, comfortable recreational house, within a modest budget.

Practical equipment

Containers designed for residential purposes offered by renowned manufacturers are equipped with all necessary elements, such as devices sanitary, appropriate installations and door and window joinery. Thus, a summer house made of containers straight from the factory may already have a fully functional bathroom in a separate room (with a shower, toilet and sink), electrical installation with LED lighting and heating with electric radiators.

Possibility of interior arrangement

Another advantage house summer house made of containers is the ability to adapt the interior to your own preferences. You can create an open plan, with only a separate bathroom, or divide the space into separate rooms, depending on your needs. In turn, a separate bedroom gives you the opportunity to arrange it according to individual expectations, and the possibility of adding additional walls will allow you to separate a place for a kitchenette.

Solid insulation

Traditional shipping containers they are made of steel, which is not a sufficient insulator. This is why domy summer cottages made of containers are supplemented with optimal insulation. Experienced manufacturers take care of proper protection of walls, roof and floor containerto prevent heat loss. For this purpose, mineral wool with a thickness of about 100 mm is used, necessarily in combination with a vapor barrier foil. The second insulating layer is a laminated board fastened from the inside. 

One of the decisive elements influencing thermal comfort is the roof structure. As we know, most heat escapes from the top, so, as in the case of walls, the roof is insulated with mineral wool and foil. Correct insulation is crucial for the ability to use the holiday home also in winter.

summer house from a container

Summer house from the container

Tips for building a summer house from containers

Before buying a suitable cottage container It is worth considering, first of all, the size and design. It is important to match it to the plot area, the number of people who will use it and the frequency of using the summer house. It is also worth remembering that these are objects modular, so if after some time you need a larger area, the house can always be expanded.

Although the construction of such a facility is not complicated and it is possible to implement such a project on your own, it is better to rely on cooperation with a professional. Reputable manufacturers can help in the design, arrangement and assembly on the plot.

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