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Container house - an alternative to housing

Dec 22, 2022 | Blog

In recent years, the real estate market has been experiencing a real boom - the prices of apartments, building plots and houses are growing at a dizzying pace. Many people, especially young people, find themselves in a situation where buying their own apartment is completely beyond their financial capabilities. All they can do is rent, which, as you know, is completely unprofitable in the long term. Are you sure there is no other way? The cottage containerized is an interesting alternative to housing today.


What is a container house really?

Many people to define container house he will either laugh or tap his head, implying that such an idea is ridiculous. However, this is because they have a tin container straight from the square in front of their eyes construction. However, a container house can be elegant, modern and, most importantly, fully functional. They are available on the market containers residential apartments with an area of ​​6m2, but 12- and 15-meter modules are popular. It is worth remembering that you can easily combine them to create larger structures.

A container house in the smallest, simplest version is a "hotel room" with a small, separate bathroom, a window and possibly a kitchenette. Each larger option can already be an apartment with separate rooms and a slightly more extensive kitchen and dining area.

Advantages of container houses

In the first place among the advantages of houses with containersprice cannot be changed. In a simple calculation of costs per square meter of space, there is no cheaper apartment on the market - this is certainly one of the main reasons why you should be interested in buying container residential. Such an investment can be treated as the first step on the road to building your own in the future house, and at the start of adult life will give you a chance for your own place. However, you cannot focus only on the price, it is worth analyzing other positives resulting from the choice of a container as a flat.

Container House | Ultramodule

Cottage design container | Ultramodule


Short delivery time

In addition to the cost of purchase, a common problem faced by people who want to buy their own "four corners" is the waiting time. From the decision and the first payment to moving in, sometimes even 2 years pass. It's a long time if you have to incur the costs of renting an apartment during this period. In case of container house everything takes much less time, almost instantly. Placement residential container it is a matter of weeks or even days. It usually takes the longest to adapt the functional layout of the interior to your expectations. After ordering a matched option, it is enough to prepare the foundation from ready-made foundation blocks, which will certainly not take more than a day, and to adjust the necessary installations: electricity and water. Cottages container are placed in the indicated place using a crane or HDS, and it takes literally several minutes.

Simple interior design and full equipment

A container house is much more than a tin shed. It is a fully equipped apartment with a functional bathroom with shower, toilet and sink. By choosing a model from a reputable manufacturer, you can supplement it with additional partition walls that will separate the sleeping area, as well as order accessories for the kitchenette. In such a simple and quick way in container a comfortable studio apartment can be created.

Container house interior visualization | Ultramodule

Container house interior visualization | Ultramodule

In addition to the kitchen and bathroom, container houses high quality are armed with all necessary installations. First of all, it is an electrical installation with full, economical LED lighting. This solution is not only cheap to use, but also gives you the opportunity to choose the color of the light. It is worth remembering that in living rooms such as a bedroom, warm shades will work better, while a cold light is better for a bathroom.

Secondly, there is, of course, the entire heating system based on electric heaters. Their power is matched by the designer to the volume of the container.

Durable and durable construction

Thinking about a container house, you can be afraid of the quality of workmanship, as well as the conditions that will prevail inside it during the cold winter. Properly constructed containers do not generate any problems in these areas. Habitable containers offered by reliable manufacturers are well insulated and sound insulated. Mineral wool (about 100 mm thick) is used for this purpose, necessarily in combination with a vapor barrier foil. The second insulating layer is a laminated board fastened from the inside. It is usually offered in white, which brightens the room and gives freedom to arrange the living space.

Ultramodula container house

Ultramodula container house 


When analyzing the technical specifications, you should also check the roof structure. As we know, most heat escapes through the top. As in the case of walls, mineral wool and foil are used here. Correct insulation is crucial for the comfort of living. It keeps you warm in the winter, but also prevents it from getting unpleasantly hot inside in the summer.

Container house - for whom can it be an alternative to housing?

For starters, for the already mentioned young people starting their adult life. The idea of ​​container construction is summed up in a short proverb: tight but own. For every young person, own "four corners" is an important stage in life and often a dream difficult to achieve. In addition to low costs, the small space needed to place it makes the container house within reach of a much larger group of people than a traditional apartment.

Small plots are also a very important argument in the case of large, densely populated metropolises, where every meter is at a premium or simply missing. Creating settlements with habitable containers is the direction in which the development industry in the largest cities should turn. Such housing estates are a good solution, for example, for student towns or construction social, which are always in high demand. Container houses can be used as staff quarters, for example on large farms where additional workers are hired seasonally.

An unconventional application of residential containers in the smallest sizes is ... a modern hotel. The costs of building and then maintaining such a hotel are low, and what is important, a completely small building plot is enough to start with. In addition, the construction of high-quality containers allows them to be stacked, which gives the possibility of an interesting arrangement of such a facility.

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