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Container houses as a way to cheap housing

Apr 24, 2023 | Blog

Buying or renting? An apartment in a skyscraper or a single-family house? A small house on the ground floor or a typical house with an attic? These are typical dilemmas for many young people, especially in times of recession and difficulties in obtaining a mortgage. However, there is another solution: fast, economical and fully functional. This residential containers – a cheap alternative to conventional housing. Find out why they are becoming more and more popular among people around the world!

What exactly are container houses?

Houses container is a type of modular construction that it uses sea ​​containers as a basic structural element. Containers marine, made of steel frames of standardized dimensions, which are used to transport goods on ships.  You're probably wondering who would like to live in a container? Sea transport is characterized by very high standards – containers These are characterized by strength, durability, resistance to weather conditions and high quality of workmanship - at a relatively low price. Thanks to this, they are easy to adapt for housing purposes, although it is worth mentioning that their use is very wide, e.g. as offices, warehouses or pavilions commercial.

Container houses can be built from one or more connected together containers, depending on your needs and project. Inside, just like in classic apartments, thermal and acoustic insulation, electrical installations and installations are installed sanitary, partition walls and interior finishing. 

Container houses as cheap housing - price and maintenance costs

The main (but not the only!) advantage houses of containers is their low price compared to brick houses. Depending on size, condition and equipment container, as well as additional functionalities that you decide on, a house made of containers can cost from a dozen to several dozen thousand zlotys. 

Prices Ultramodulaa residential containers look like this:

  • Area 6m2 – PLN 17000 – PLN 18000 net
  • Area 12m2 – PLN 21000 – PLN 23000 net
  • Area 15,4m2 – PLN 24500 – PLN 27000 net

This means prices per square meter starting from PLN 1600 net!

However, the low price is not everything! Thanks to the use of appropriate thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as modern heating and ventilation systems, container houses provide not only comfort, but also energy savings. These features, combined with simple construction and ease of maintenance, make container houses cheap to maintain and, unlike classic apartments, do not generate many additional costs.

Advantages of container houses - not only low price!

Container houses won the sympathy of Poles for a reason. Living in them can be as pleasant and comfortable as in standard apartments, and the list of their advantages is much longer than just low price and maintenance costs:

Short execution time – Who among us wants to wait several years for the construction of an apartment? Container houses can be purchased as ready-made modules that are delivered to the plot and assembled within a few weeks. There is no need to wait for the construction of foundations and the implementation of bricklaying or installation works.

Mobility and practicality – You can easily move container houses to another place if you ever decide to move. In a similarly simple way, you can expand them by combining with additional ones containersif you want more usable space.

Comfort and convenience – Container houses allow you to arrange them freely. If you feel like it, you can choose a luxurious interior of the premium class. In addition, they are well insulated and ventilated.

Ecology and energy saving – The production of container houses involves the production of much less waste and pollution, making them environmentally friendly. Moreover, good insulation makes them have low energy requirements.

What does the design and construction of a container house look like?

Project i building a house from containers is a process that requires proper preparation and adaptation of containers to the residential function. The containers are delivered to the plot and combined with each other depending on the project - They can be connected with longer or shorter sides, as well as stacked.

The stages of container adaptation are:

  • cutting openings for windows and doors
  • insulation of walls, ceiling and floor
  •  assembly of electrical, water, sewage and heating systems
  • interior finish according to individual taste and needs

It is worth remembering that the project i building house from containers must meet the legal and technical requirements for modular construction. However, when you decide to use our company's services, you don't have to worry about all this! In our offer you will find containers that have already been adapted to living conditions. We will also help you choose the right model and prepare the project if you are interested in a larger living space and modular construction based on connecting several containers together.

Construction and installation of a container house - what about the formalities?

Czy container residential requires a building permit? The answer to this question is not always easy, and the legal provisions in this area are often subject to individual interpretation. Simply put, if you're going to use residential container in one location for more than 180 days, you need a building permit in the same way as in the case of a brick house. In the case of a period shorter than 180 days, all you need to do is notify the intention to place the container to the competent architectural and construction administration authority - before the start of work and its assembly.

A house made of containers as an apartment - is it worth it?

The availability of containers from 6m2 and the possibility of freely combining them offers great flexibility. The smallest model does not allow for comfortable use - however, it can be perfect temporarily, for example for the time of solving financial problems, and people who value comfort and a large usable area can meet their needs thanks to modular construction. Residential containers are also a great solution for entrepreneurs - they are often used as employee accommodation, they can also be used as a unique and modern hotels or a place to relax by the lake.

To sum up, container houses are an interesting and modern alternative to traditional brick houses. They have many advantages, such as low price, quick implementation, mobility or a positive impact on the environment compared to classic construction. Reasons to choose a house containerized there's a lot of! If you think this may be a solution for you, please contact us and we will answer all your questions and help you make the right decision.


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