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Sea container houses

Apr 13, 2023 | Blog

Houses z containers offshore is an increasingly popular form of construction, constituting a reasonable and modern alternative to classic, brick ones houses.

This solution is economical, ecological and offers the user a large dose of freedom, flexibility and freedom. If you dream of your own housewhich will not only be functional and comfortable, but also original and environmentally friendly, sun from sea containers may be the solution you are looking for!. In this article you will learn:

– what are sea container houses and what are their advantages and disadvantages?
– how to choose the right one container and where to buy it?
– how to design and adapt a container to a house?
– what are the formalities and legal regulations related to building a house from containers?


What are sea container houses and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Containers sea ​​containers are steel containers that are used to transport goods on ships. Strict standards related to sea transport and high standards of containers make them suitable not only for transport! After proper preparation and arrangement, they are perfect as a residential house - much cheaper than classic construction and offering many advantages for people who value their freedom and effective solutions.

They are made entirely of galvanized sheet metal covered with anti-corrosive varnish, which makes them very durable and resistant to weather conditions.

The most important advantage of sea containers is their price - incomparably lower than even the cheapest brick houses. They are quick to construct and assemble, and easy to move and expand. The time from the decision to build to moving in is often just a few weeks. Once placed, the container can be easily moved to another place if you decide to move, and if your family grows or you want more space - you can easily expand the usable space by adding another container.

Houses made of sea containers are also very ecological - their production is a much lower burden on the environment than in the case of classic houses, and their maintenance is cheaper.

How to choose the right container and where to buy it?

Sea containers are available in various sizes, technical conditions and prices. There are several factors to consider in order to make the right decision.


Sea containers have standard dimensions subject to certain standards. The most common are containers with a length of around 3,6 or 12 meters and a width of 2,45 or 3 meters. Containers give you a lot of freedom to combine them with each other, which allows you to obtain a usable area that satisfies you.

Container price

The price of a sea container depends on its size, technical condition and market availability. Used containers are cheaper, but may require additional financial outlays for their preparation construction home. Their prices of used containers range from a few to tens of thousands of zlotys.

The technical condition of the container

Choosing a used one sea ​​container, you need to carefully check its condition. They are used to transport goods over long distances and are exposed to weather and mechanical conditions. Some containers may be deformed, corroded or have holes in the metal sheets. Such containers require additional repair and maintenance work, which can affect the cost and time of building a house. It is best to choose containers in good condition or new ones that have not been used yet.

Where to buy a container

Sea containers can be purchased directly from the transport or forwarding companies that handle and store them. An alternative is to buy from a company specializing in the sale of containers that have already been adapted for residential purposes. This greatly facilitates the whole process and ensures that it will be done professionally. This is what our company does - contact us and our consultant will answer all your questions and doubts and help you choose a container that meets your needs.


How to design and adapt a sea container to a house?

When designing and adapting a sea container to a house, you can choose one of two directions. Do it yourself or use the services of a company specializing in the adaptation of containers for residential purposes and adapt the finished project to your individual needs. In this case, the implementation is carried out by the company, and you get an apartment ready for use right away.

When designing a house from sea containers yourself, you need to consider several factors:

- insulation thermal and acoustic – the containers are made of metal, which is a good conductor of heat and sound. To ensure the comfort of living, you need to insulate the walls, floor and ceiling of the container with appropriate insulating material. You can also cover the container with wood or other facade material to improve its aesthetics and thermal properties.

- electrical, plumbing and ventilation installations – you need to plan where cables, pipes and wires will run in container. You can hide them under the floor or ceiling, or use special installation channels. You also need to ensure that the rooms are adequately ventilated to prevent moisture and mold.

- interior finish - you can arrange your own container house according to your own taste and needs, choosing any style and color, furniture and accessories. When arranging the interior, take into account the height and width of the container you choose. 

What are the formalities and legal regulations related to the construction of a house from sea containers?

Right construction unfortunately it's complicated. If you are erecting a housing container as a temporary object, up to 180 days - you do not need a building permit and it is enough to notify the intention to erect it building temporary (before the assembly of the container). However, if you intend to use it in one place for more than 180 days, it is treated by law as a traditional building residential. You can read more about the legal regulations on this subject in our other article - Do I need a building permit for the containers?.

Sea container houses

Sea container houses


Houses made of sea containers are a modern and ecological solution for people looking for an alternative to traditional construction. Thanks to the use of durable and cheap container structures, you can create a house of any size and layout, tailored to individual needs and preferences. Container houses are quick to implement, easy to transport and assemble, as well as energy-saving and safe. 

You can arrange the container for an apartment personally or opt for the services of a company such as ours, which allows you to buy a container immediately ready to move in. If you are considering buying a residential container, please contact us and we will answer all your questions!

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