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How to insulate a container house?

Sep 2, 2021 | Blog

Thermal insulation of a container house.

insulation of walls in a container house Container house it is also a modular house, it consists of a steel frame, walls, floor and ceiling. Appropriate insulation allows you to protect the interior of the building against both moisture and cold. Therefore, it is worth considering the entire insulation, taking into account, among others, distribution of the plumbing and electrical system in the cottage. insulation of the floor in the container house

What are the walls of a container house made of?

In order for the walls to be heat-insulating, mineral wool is used as a filling, among other things. The Ultramodula in the wall of the house uses as much as 80 mm of mineral wool in the floor and 120 mm of rock wool granules. We do not forget about the vapor barrier foil, thanks to which we will avoid e.g. possible problems with condensation on steel elements. The inner sides of the walls of the container houses are lined with OSB or plasterboard. Thanks to this, you can finish the house freely.

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