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How to organize a studio for an artist at low cost - a container instead of renting

Apr 30, 2023 | Blog

Modular containers

How to organize a studio for an artist at low cost – container instead of renting

You are a creator, and creative work is a very important, perhaps even the most important aspect of your life. You like to indulge in your creativity, and with the development of your passion or work, your apartment is gradually running out of space. After all, the easel, painting materials and pictures take up a lot of space. In addition, they are associated with problems with maintaining cleanliness, as well as ... with chemicals that threaten health and life, if you paint, for example, with oil technique.

The problem does not concern only painters - people making ceramics, carpenters or musicians will face similar challenges - in the long run it is difficult to realize yourself in these and many other areas in your own apartment.

If you live alone, you may be able to accept these inconveniences as a reasonable compromise for a while. Other household members or your neighbors will almost certainly have a different opinion on this subject, for example, if you play an instrument. That is why most artists sooner or later face the need to find or create a separate studio.

Own art studio - how much will it cost?

Of course, owning a studio sounds very attractive and is the dream of almost every artist with longer experience. Unfortunately, when plans are confronted with reality - a beautiful vision often turns out to be difficult to implement.

Unfortunately, having your own studio is a big expense. If art or craft is your job and you are not one of the very few, lucky ones earning high salaries - you probably do not sleep on a water bed, you do not relax in the jacuzzi on the terrace, and renting your own studio is a very high and real cost for you. Especially when, like most artists, you don't run your own business, and you can't include rent in costs.

If arts/crafts are your hobby - spending a lot of money on studios may seem an even less reasonable idea. It is true that it is worth investing in your own passions, but you just need to renovate your kitchen, and you are planning to fly to the south of Italy for your holidays ... in the end, the cost of creating or renting a studio often turns out to be too much of an expense for which you would have to significantly reduce the quality of your life other planes.

Unfortunately, the life of an artist is not simple, and this life truth has been known and unchanged for centuries. Being an artist requires creativity not only in the act of creating, but also in organizing one's life so that it enables the realization of one's own ambitions. That's why it's worth knowing that ... there are cheaper and more reasonable alternatives to classic studios that can allow you to implement your own plans for a fraction of the amount you would have to spend.

What are containers and why should artists pay attention to them?

We associate a container mainly with an object used in transport - and this is undoubtedly one of its main uses. So why would you consider using container as an art studio?

The transport industry is built on very rigorous and high norms and standards - they guarantee both securityas well as efficiency. It is no different with containerswhich building over decades has been optimized so that they provide the highest durability and strength, enabling long-term operation in difficult conditions at the lowest possible cost.

Thanks to this containers they are an extremely efficient construction in terms of value for money, and their use has long gone far beyond the art industry itself.

More and more people are organizing containers offices, places of rest, utility rooms, or simply ... apartments. After proper adaptation and preparation, the container works great in a functional role, meeting all the expectations that we could have in relation to a classic building, such as resistance to weather conditions, ease of heating or proper ventilation. And thanks to modular construction, which allows you to combine many containers into one object with a larger usable space - it allows for the possibility of any arrangement and meeting the needs of both singles and the whole family.

If the container is suitable for flat and/ or office – all the more it will be suitable for art studios!

Container as an art studio - what are the benefits of this choice?

The most obvious and eye-catching benefit is, of course, the price – you can buy a simple container for just a few thousand zlotys. A container adapted to more demanding needs with heating, insulation and meeting all standards of utility buildings, with a toilet costs from approx. PLN 17000 to PLN 27000. This is a higher one-off cost, but when removing a classic studio, you would have to take into account the cost of at least PLN 1000 per month - so the choice of a container pays off after about 2 years, and after 6 it turns out to be 3 times cheaper!

  • However, the low purchase cost is just one of the many advantages of this solution. Here are other reasons why you should consider choosing a container:
  • Short execution time “Container creation, delivery and assembly take just a few weeks in total – no need to wait for foundations or masonry work to be done. Being an artist, you probably didn't plan on building the whole thing buildingbut… if you have already had the opportunity to start looking for a place for a studio, you have probably found out that it is a very time-consuming and absorbing task, especially when low cost is one of the main criteria.
  • mobility – You can easily move the container to another place – which means that you will take your studio with you if you decide to move. It also means that in the future, with the development of your artistic activity, yours lab can open up to customers by moving it to a more attractive location. In this case, the originally purchased container may turn out to be too small to serve customers, but here comes another, already mentioned, important advantage of this solution - the containers can be freely combined with each other, which allows for their simple expansion.
  • Comfort – You can freely arrange and design the entire space of the container. When deciding to rent a studio, you usually have to accept the already existing layout of rooms and key equipment, such as a washbasin.
  • Ecology and saving – Both the production of containers and their maintenance are much friendlier to the environment than classic buildings. It also means lower maintenance and renovation costs. 


The artist and his container - more than a studio

Due to a number of advantages over classic solutions, the container has many applications. In addition to the studio, you can also use it as an art gallery to present and sell your works, or as a shop if you deal with crafts.

Containers are also increasingly used by the "big" world of art and culture - KontenerART is one of the hottest summer cultural events in Poznań, which uses containers as utility rooms. This is not only a place with art, but also concerts, film screenings, a bar, parties and many cultural events, from dance lessons to environmental initiatives.

is MrModular containersdoes the placement of the container require a building permit?

Polish law in this area is not entirely unambiguous. In most cases, placing a container for more than 180 days requires obtaining a building permit, and for a period shorter than 180 days, it is enough to notify the intention to place the container to the appropriate architectural and construction administration authority - it is important to do it before starting work. You can apply for a building permit at the poviat or city office.

A building permit will sometimes not be necessary if the container is not permanently attached to the ground, but this situation is subject to individual interpretation by officials. It is safer to assume that obtaining a building permit is required - however, if you want to avoid this step, you should consult a professional, e.g. a solicitor, who will analyze your individual situation.


As you can see, the container has many uses - and its proper use can not only facilitate your work, but also make it easier to reach customers and increase sales. If you are wondering if this is a solution for you - contact us and we will answer all your questions and help you make the right decision!


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