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How are Ultramodulaa pavilions used?

Jan 2, 2022 | Blog

Running a business involves high costs. It may be a good idea to save money to choose a trade pavilion as your headquarters instead of renting out expensive office space. This solution allows you to maintain high standards of the premises on very attractive financial terms.


Advantages of commercial pavilions

Commercial pavilions come in various dimensions. Thanks to the modular structure, we can freely choose the size of the pavilion, and the individual modules can be efficiently combined according to the customer's needs. Depending on the purpose of the pavilion, it is possible to equip the containers with various additional elements, such as: heaters, air conditioning, anti-burglary shutters, kitchenette, sanitary area.


Use of pavilions

Ultramodulaa pavilions are most often used as commercial pavilions, showrooms, exhibition and exhibition spaces. Do you want to open a hairdressing salon, your own flower shop or a handicraft shop? Or maybe you run a car dealership or a catering point and need an attractive facility? Modern glazed pavilions are a perfect place for meetings with customers, conducive to conducting commercial transactions.


Convenience and economy

Using Ultramodulaa pavilions to conduct your business activity is not only a cheap but also convenient solution. This type of facility is much cheaper to build and maintain than a traditional brick building. At the same time, it meets the basic requirements during operation: stable temperature all year round, kitchen and sanitary part with access to running water, electrical installation and necessary equipment, a wide range of PVC floor patterns, access to daylight thanks to glass windows.


Minimum formalities

With container trade pavilions, formalities are reduced to a minimum, you do not need any permits, opinions, or construction manager. And the production and assembly time for containers takes only a few weeks.



The advantage of pavilions over brick buildings also appears when we think about changing the place of business. Due to the mobility, transporting such a pavilion to another place is not the slightest problem.

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