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Which construction container? Discover the solutions available on the market.

Dec 12, 2022 | Blog

Just as each building is made of thousands of elements, each investment is a project that consists of many stages and processes. Coordinating them is a real challenge, regardless of the scale of the construction project. Whether we are talking about a multimillion-dollar road investment or the construction of a single-family house house per application, there are always countless topics to watch out for and it's easy to forget something. Often such a "forgotten" element is the organization of the back office - and this is a very important element, because it ensures comfort of work for the contractor and improves everyday activities. How to create comfortable facilities for a construction investment as soon as possible, regardless of its scale and duration? choosing containers construction. 

Container | Ultramodulae

Container for construction | Ultramodulae


Don't go without it: construction container

Construction containers is a simple and proven solution by many companies. It is not only functional, but also economical, and this during each construction is of great importance. Each expense that can be avoided or reduced will ultimately allow you to optimize the planned budget (which, as you know, usually grows unplanned). In addition to the attractive price, the containers have many other advantages, such as assembly speed, modularity and multifunctionality. The question remains, which construction container will be the best and why?

For starters: a sanitary container

Sanitary container inside | Ultramodulae

Sanitary container inside | Ultramodulae

No one, even the smallest, can do without sanitary and social facilities building. They are the answer to this need sanitary containers. They can be very small and serve only as a toilet, but you can also bet on a slightly larger area, which will also accommodate a cloakroom with showers for employees. The second option is dedicated to investments on a larger scale than the construction of a single-family house - in this case, a universal container will work best, which, apart from a toilet, will have a place for a kitchenette and space to rest and shelter in case of bad weather. The largest single sanitary containers can have an area of ​​up to 16 m2, where you can easily place even several shower cabins and toilets with sinks. It is worth remembering that the modular structure allows for combining containers, also the space can be easily expanded.

Step two: social construction container

Container with windows

Social containers | Ultramodulae

In the case of small, private investments, a separate container for social purposes will not be needed - a universal facility will suffice. The situation is different when we are talking about several dozen construction teams working in two shifts. In such a situation, extensive facilities social It is necessary. Changing rooms are necessary (they can be combined with bathrooms, as mentioned above), as well as canteens with kitchenettes, where employees can spend their breaks, warm up a meal or hide in the event of a sudden change in weather conditions. When buying a construction container from a reputable manufacturer, you can order a fully equipped product, even with such trifles as an electric kettle. This makes it easier to run the project optimally - one of the thousands of little things you won't have to remember about anymore.

For safety: storage container

A container for the construction will also be useful warehouse small equipment. Firstly, for safety, i.e. reducing the risk of theft or loss of valuable tools, such as jackhammers or drills. The second added value container The purpose of the warehouse is to facilitate the maintenance of order in construction equipment, as well as better storage conditions, which in turn reduces the risk of tool failure. This is important from the point of view of work flow - each failure slows down, and sometimes even prevents the execution of tasks planned for a given day.

Storage container | Ultramodulae

Storage container | Ultramodulae


Appropriate container size for construction

When choosing a construction container, regardless of its purpose, you should consider the optimal size for a given investment. It is not worth overpaying for a too large container or taking up unnecessary space on the construction site. However, it should not be too small - sanitary and social facilities must be adapted to the number of employees, and the warehouse to the amount of equipment owned.

The great advantage of the containers is their modularity and the ability to connect, both "horizontally" and "vertical". Good quality containers can be stacked, which gives almost twice as much usable space without losing additional land on the construction site. However, it should be remembered that not every container has the option of stacking. To make it possible, the frame should be made of cold-formed sections with a thickness of 4 mm. The whole container will finally be really strong when the columns bolted to the upper and lower frames are also made of durable sections, preferably cold-bent. Only experienced manufacturers offer such solutions.

Own or rented construction container?

Another question that is related to the choice of a construction container is an eternal one buy or rent. Of course, there is no clear answer here. The rental option is a perfect solution for private investors. Planning the construction of your dream house, it is good to first put a small, multifunctional container on the plot, which will play the role of a bathroom, kitchen and resting corner when we plan and oversee the works.

On the other hand, for large road building companies or developers, the purchase of containers is a matter of course. It is worth remembering that the unquestionable advantages of containers include their mobility and ease of adaptation. In practice, this means that a given copy does not always have to have the same purpose. During one construction, it can be a social facility for employees, and during the next, it can be an office or a warehouse for small construction equipment. In addition, containers can (and should) be moved from one investment to another. Their transport is fast, inexpensive, and assembly at the destination takes only a few minutes.

Which construction container? From a proven manufacturer


If you want to buy or rent a container for construction, it is worth choosing a product from a reputable supplier. This is not only a guarantee of the quality of workmanship, but also the certainty that the selected model will be delivered on time, which is extremely important during construction. Importantly, good producer gives more possibilities to adjust the container to the needs of the investor - it will easily add partition walls, an additional toilet or shower, and expand the kitchenette with the necessary equipment. In addition, the materials from which it will be made will allow for long use or resale after the investment is completed.

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