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What standards must social containers meet?

Feb 2, 2023 | Blog

A popular proverb says that man does not live by work aloneAnd when he works, he needs a break. It is the duty of every employer to provide employees with a suitable place - social facilities, including for a break, to, for example, eat a meal. In production plants, on construction sites or during seasonal work, technical issues are a challenge: where, in what form to prepare the right space for working people. And here they are an excellent option social containers.


Social facilities are specified in health and safety regulations

Pursuant to the letter of the law, the employer is obliged to provide employees with appropriate working conditions, inter alia, by separating social facilities. Pursuant to the regulation of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy on general occupational health and safety regulations, the following premises are considered social facilities:

  • changing rooms,
  • washrooms,
  • paragraphs,
  • shower rooms,
  • dining rooms (except canteens),
  • shelter from the cold,
  • rooms for washing, decontamination, drying, dedusting of work or protective clothing.
Cloakroom container

Container cloakroom | Ultramodule

In a situation where it is difficult to find an optimal place to design these rooms in a given plant, a functional and inexpensive solution can be social containers specially adapted to perform these functions. So what standards must such a building meet? The container that is to be used for changing rooms, washrooms or dining rooms must be properly designed, resistant to weather conditions, durable, properly insulated and equipped with all necessary installations: electricity, water and sewage and heating.


How are social containers that meet the standards built?

First of all, in our climate zone, in order for the building to be used all year round, it is necessary to have an appropriate construction, with particular emphasis on insulation. Maintaining a certain standard in this area is crucial for the comfort of employees, as well as for meeting legal requirements. For the role of social facilities, it is worth choosing containers that are produced for this purpose. Of course you can try to modify sea ​​containers used for transport, but it requires specialist knowledge and skills, and thus financial outlays. It is easier and faster to buy a new facility, dedicated to year-round use.

Optimum insulation 

It is important that social containers meet the health and safety requirements specifying that social facilities are rooms used to shelter from the cold. The facilities offered by renowned manufacturers are insulated with 100 mm thick mineral wool combined with a vapor barrier foil. In addition, for even better insulation, they are lined with a 12 mm thick laminated board from the inside, which is an additional layer protecting not only against cold, but also against excessive heat in the summer.

Robust construction

Thinking about containers social services in the area construction or at workplaces, where every meter of space counts, it is worth choosing objects that allow stacking. This limits the space needed to accommodate the appropriate number of rooms for employees. Setting containers one on top of the other, however, will only be possible if the appropriate parameters of the structure elements are maintained. The frame of such buildings must be welded from cold-bent sections (4 mm thick), while durable sections should be used for the production of columns bolted to the upper and lower frames. The best is also cold-bent, 4 mm thick.

Equipment in accordance with health and safety standards

The regulation of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy on general occupational health and safety regulations precisely defines the scope of equipment that must be provided in various areas of social facilities. The regulations include, among others, guidelines as to the number of washbasins and showers depending on the number of employees, as well as the work they perform. Details such as door sizes, room heights or the area assigned to each employed person are also specified. Good quality social containers produced by experienced manufacturers give the opportunity to adjust the amount of equipment, partition walls or the arrangement of windows and doors in accordance with the needs of the employer. This is very important because there is no single standard solution that will meet the expectations of every company.


Welfare containers are a compliant solution at a good price

No employer wants to be exposed to penalties related to failure to comply with the obligations arising from the law. However, every entrepreneur tries to reduce costs. Social containers are the perfect answer to this challenge - properly designed, they meet all the requirements set out in the regulations on occupational health and safety, and at the same time their price is significantly lower than for traditional buildings. Importantly, the containers can be easily modified when the need arises, for example, when the number of employees increases, expanding the cloakroom or washroom will not be a problem. In turn, in the case of construction companies, the great advantage of social containers is also their mobility. It is easy to move them from place to place when the work moves to another construction area. The container can also be easily resold after the end of the investment or taken to the next one.

Check out our offer of social containers;

Social containers

Buying a social container is a good choice

Welfare containers from reputable manufacturers meet the standards set by law. They provide comfort to employees, are inexpensive, easy to install, and the project implementation time from order to use is very short. All this makes them an excellent choice for any employer, regardless of the industry and the number of employees.

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