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Office container and building permit

Apr 16, 2023 | Blog

Office containers is a modern and functional solution for companies that need additional work space. They can be used as temporary or permanent offices, warehouses, workshops, shops or customer service points. They are characterized by a number of advantages: mobility, ease of assembly and disassembly, low construction and maintenance costs, and the ability to adapt to individual needs and preferences. Therefore, it should not be surprising that this solution is becoming more and more popular among entrepreneurs.

One of the most important aspects associated with the use of container office building is obtaining the appropriate building permit. In this article, we will provide you with basic information on when and what permit is needed, what documents should be prepared and where to submit them. We invite you to read our guide!

Does an office container require a building permit?

The answer to the question whether container office requires a building permit depends on how long and how you intend to use it.

If you plan to use office container for a period shorter than 180 days, you do not need a building permit. In such a case, it is enough to notify the competent architectural and construction administration body of the intention to place the container before starting the work. 

You only need a permit if you intend to use the container for more than 180 days or if it is to be permanently connected to the ground (e.g. by foundations or connections). 

A building permit for an office container will also not be required if it does not meet the definition of a structure within the meaning of the construction law. Unfortunately, the law in this area is not entirely clear and is subject to individual interpretation by the tax authority or administrative court.

According to some positions, if office container is placed on foundations or other structural elements that prevent its transfer without damage, it is permanently attached to the ground, thus meeting the definition of a structure. Others believe that an office container is permanently attached to the ground if it is intended for long-term use in a given location and cannot be moved without incurring significant costs.

If you have doubts as to whether your office container is a structure within the meaning of the construction law, it is best to consult a legal advisor.

How to obtain a building permit for an office container?

You will submit the building permit to the poviat starosty or the city office with poviat rights. Before submitting the application, you should ask for the necessary documents directly at the office where it will be submitted. Typically these will be:

– project building office container made by an authorized designer
– a declaration of the right to dispose of the real estate
– a certificate of zoning and land development conditions or a decision on determining the location of a public purpose investment
– geotechnical or geological opinion
– opinion of the sanitary and fire department
– consent of the owner of the utilities network (water, sewage, electricity, gas)
– proof of payment of stamp duty, which usually amounts to several dozen zlotys

The application for a building permit is considered within 65 days from the date of submission. If approved, you receive a building permit. If the application is rejected or is not considered within the deadline, you can appeal to the local government appeals board.

What are the alternatives to building a building permit for an office container?

Obtaining a building permit for an office container is not always possible or profitable. This situation can lead to problems, but there are alternative solutions worth considering:

-Lease of land with an existing building permit. If you don't want or can't get your own building permit for an office cabin, you can look for a plot that already has one and rent it from the owner. 

-Placing the container on wheels or chassis. If you want to be able to easily move an office pedestal from place to place, you can opt for a pedestal Mobilewhich is mounted on wheels or chassis. Such a container is not considered a construction object and does not require a building permit, provided that it meets the conditions set out in the regulations on road traffic and work safety. However, please note that the mobile container must be registered as a vehicle and subject to tolls and insurance.

-Use of the container as a temporary construction object. If you need an office container only for a specific time and purpose, e.g. for the period of renovation or project implementation, you can use the simplified procedure for reporting the construction of a temporary building facility. Such a procedure does not require obtaining a building permit - it is enough to notify the relevant office and present the necessary documentation. However, it should be remembered that a temporary structure must be removed from the site after a certain period or after the end of the purpose for which it was erected.


In this article, you learned whether an office container requires a building permit, how to obtain one, and what alternatives you have when you are unable to obtain a permit. If you intend to use it for less than 180 days, you will have much less formalities. For a longer period, you will usually need to obtain building consent.

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