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Container as an alternative to classic construction

sea ​​4, 2023 | Blog

Container as an alternative to classic construction

Container as an alternative to classical construction


The last few decades have been a period of a strong urbanization trend around the world, with the demand for housing and infrastructure in urban areas significantly increasing. Traditional methods construction faced many challenges, such as high material costs, labor costs, and long lead times construction and limited space. As a result, there was a flourishing of alternative construction methods, and construction has certainly become the most popular of them container. A container as an alternative to classic construction has only advantages: it is inexpensive, durable, small and quick to manufacture and assemble.

Container as an alternative to classic construction

Container as an alternative to classic construction


Container buildings are an economical solution

One of the most important advantages of using the structure container in construction is their lower cost compared to traditional building materials. Cost container is much lower than the cost of building a traditional building from scratch. Containers they are also readily available and can be quickly delivered to the construction site, reducing construction time and labor costs. Importantly, the facilities are entirely manufactured in the factory and delivered to the investment site as ready-made elements for assembly. All these factors make the final price of buildings with containers is attractive compared to other solutions.

Economy of construction container it also results from the ease of expansion and modification. Deciding on sun implemented using the traditional method, e.g. brick, its final version must be erected immediately, subsequent modifications to the shape and size of the building are complicated and costly. The case is completely different in this case habitable containers – adding additional modules is simple, fast and inexpensive.


Short delivery time

When analyzing containers as an alternative to classic construction, it is impossible not to mention the implementation time. The construction process or so housewhether a multi-apartment building takes about 1,5-2 years. It is a very long time if you have to incur the costs of renting an apartment during this period - and you have to live somewhere. 

In the case of container building everything takes much less time, almost instantly. Putting up a small house in this technology is often a matter of a few weeks, and sometimes even days. It usually takes the longest to adjust the functional layout of the interior to the needs and expectations of the investor. 

The very process of "building" at the destination is almost express. It is enough to prepare the foundation from ready-made foundation blocks and adjust the necessary installations: electricity and water. Cottages Container trucks are placed in the indicated place using a crane or HDS, and it takes literally several minutes. Of course, in the case of larger buildings made of several or even several dozen containers, it takes longer, but still incomparably shorter than a building made of bricks.

Container as an alternative to classic construction

Container as an alternative to classic construction

Quality and durability

People are looking for an alternative solution when building a house or a service facility, they often have concerns about the quality and durability of container buildings. This is understandable if we realize that a container is usually associated with a "tin" used as garage or storage on the plot. Modern containers, however, are solutions of much higher quality, which they owe primarily to the production process outside the construction site.


Production under controlled conditions 

The production of individual container elements takes place in production halls in fully controlled conditions, with the use of professional equipment, and, what is extremely important, in compliance with all construction standards. The entire structure is therefore created in an environment with controlled temperature, humidity and no dust. All this reduces the risk of any construction irregularities to a minimum. In addition, assembling components such as doors and windows in factory conditions guarantees greater precision and better quality control.

Not without significance for the quality and durability of buildings made of containers is the fact that they are delivered to the final assembly site already equipped with all installations: electricity, water and sewage and heating. Each of their elements is made in safe factory conditions by a team of experienced professionals.


Durable construction and materials

The biggest challenge in the case of container buildings is to ensure adequate living conditions during the cold winter. A container as an alternative to classic construction must guarantee thermal comfort at an optimal level. Good quality containers do not generate any problems in this regard. 

The facilities offered by reliable manufacturers are well insulated and acoustically insulated. Most often, mineral wool (about 100 mm thick) is used for this purpose, necessarily combined with a vapor barrier foil. The next insulating layer is usually a laminated board attached from the inside. The design is also important insulation roof, because as we know, most heat escapes through the top. As in the case of walls, mineral wool and foil are used. Proper insulation is crucial for the comfort of your home. It keeps you warm in the winter, but also prevents it from getting unpleasantly hot inside in the summer.

Container as an alternative to classic construction

Container as an alternative to classic construction

Tight but own

Of course, a container as an alternative to classic construction has some limitations. In the basic options, these are facilities with relatively small areas. Of course, they can easily be combined into larger buildings, but individual modules remain small spaces. At the same time, the size is also a great advantage in densely populated areas where minimalist housing is a must. They are also great as service, commercial or public utility buildings, even hospitals in places where there is a lack of free space, e.g. in large metropolises.


A cost-effective alternative to classic construction

Container architecture is certainly a good alternative to traditional construction methods. Lower cost, shorter construction time and availability make it an attractive option for those looking for cheaper and faster construction solutions. The advantages of buildings in container technology are indisputable. When planning an investment, it is worth considering containers - it will certainly pay off for everyone.

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