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Container as a summer house

sea ​​30, 2023 | Blog


By the lake, in the mountains, with a view of the forest, or maybe by the sea? Own plot with a summer house is a perfect place to rest, recharge batteries and regenerate after a hard week of work. Choosing a good location is not easy. Once that's done, it's time to think about a place to live. If our budget is modest, and at the same time we care about the quick implementation of the investment, then container as a summer house will be an ideal idea.

3D visualization

Before the final design of the house is created, pavilionor container, we talk to the client about his needs 📑

3D visualization allows us to transfer our imagination to the screen, which gives the opportunity to fully personalize the layout of the rooms and select appropriate finishing solutions in accordance with the vision of the customer.

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Advantages of a container as a summer house

Habitable containers in their modern version, they do not have much in common with tinplates that disfigured courtyards as garages and public space as shops. These are elegant buildings, finished with high-quality sheet metal and equipped with all necessary amenities. Not only do they look great, but they are also durable, inexpensive and, importantly, easy to transport and install. Can you ask for more from a holiday home?

Good price

The advantage of the container as a summer house is primarily its price. Buying such an object is much cheaper than building any other solution. In the offers of reputable manufacturers can be found houses already with an area of ​​6 m2, 12 and 15 meter sizes are also popular. This size is completely sufficient to create a family, fully comfortable recreational house, and at the same time not to spend a fortune on it.

Easy to assemble

It is also worth considering the fact that a recreational plot is usually located at a certain (often quite a) distance from our place of residence. In such a situation, it is not easy to keep an eye on the traditional implementation constructionthat lasts for months. In terms of lead time, a container as a summer house is second to none. Its placement is a matter of a maximum of a few weeks, and sometimes just a few or several days. After ordering the selected house, just wait for the implementation. During this time, you need to prepare a foundation of ready-made foundation blocks at the target location. Such an operation will certainly not take more than a day or two. Appropriate electrical and water installations should also be provided. Containers are placed on foundations using a crane or HDS, and it takes literally several minutes.

Durable materials and solid insulation

Because holiday cottages are buildings that are not permanently inhabited, but are only used on weekends, they must be particularly resistant to weather conditions. Construction and materials from which it is made shipping containers, have been selected to withstand extreme weather conditions. They are highly resistant to damage caused by fire, wind and water. They are made of steel to withstand heavy loads during transport. A properly maintained shipping container can therefore easily last up to 25 years or more, which makes it an ideal material for building a long-lived summer house.

Equally important, high-quality residential containers offered by reliable manufacturers are properly insulated and well insulated acoustically. For this purpose, mineral wool approximately 100 mm thick is used in combination with a vapor barrier foil. The second insulating layer is a laminated board mounted from the inside. As we know, most heat escapes through the top, so in order for a summer house made of a container to maintain the temperature inside, the roof structure is also important. Just like for walls, it is insulated with mineral wool and foil. Suitable insulation is of great importance for the comfort of living. What matters is not only that it is warm in the winter, but above all that it is not excessively hot inside in the summer. Remember that a summer house is used primarily in the summer months.


How to arrange a container as a summer house?

The first step to building your dream summerhouse is choosing the right size container. There are residential solutions available on the market container with a usable area from 6 m2. Slightly larger sizes are also very popular: 12 and 15 meters. The interior of such a house as standard may resemble a classic hotel room with a bathroom and a window or be arranged as a functional apartment with a kitchenette. Important containers As summer houses, it is possible to adapt their interior to your own preferences. You can create an open plan, with only a separate bathroom, or divide the space into separate rooms, depending on how many people it is intended for. Containers offered by reputable manufacturers can be equipped with all the necessary devices immediately upon purchase sanitary, i.e. a toilet, shower, sink, and the possibility of adding additional walls will allow you to separate space for the aforementioned kitchenette.

It is worth mentioning that, apart from the basic interior design, the containers intended for residential purposes offered by reputable manufacturers are supplemented with the necessary installations already at the factory, i.e. heating systems, as well as electrical and sanitary installations. Heating is usually provided by electric heaters, adapted to the volume of the container. Good quality container summer houses also have optimal lighting, usually LED for economical use.

Build a summer house from a container in 5 easy steps

Containers as objects modular they are simple and quick to assemble. It only takes a few steps to build your perfect summer house.

  1. Selection of the optimal size tailored to the needs and size of the plot.
  2. Development of a functional design: selection of equipment, division of space, adjustment of necessary installations.
  3. Site preparation. Leveling the plot and preparing the foundation.
  4. Assembly of the container and connection of the installation. It is best to choose a manufacturer who will deal not only with the production of the container-house, but also comprehensively organize the assembly and connection of all installations.
  5. An interior device where you can relax 🙂

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