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Ultramodulaa storage container

Jul 11, 2022 | Blog

One from recent implementations Ultramodulae is execution warehouse. The storage space consists of container STANDARD with an area of ​​12m2. The container is equipped with a door and the electrical installation has been prepared. The steel frame is welded from cold-bent sections with a thickness of 4mm. The columns are made of cold-formed sections with a thickness of 4mm bolted to the upper and lower frame. The container is equipped with HDS cubes for transport, walls insulated with 80 mm thick rock wool, roof - 100 mm thick rock wool, floor - 120 mm thick rock wool granules, all outside covered with T4 RAL 7016 trapezoidal sheet and inside with white laminated board, while the floor is covered with PVC lining in a wood-like color.
Ultramodulaa storage container
Plate storage container
Storage container - we paint with polyurethane paints in a selected color from the RAL palette.
Storage container inside

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