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Living container with kitchen and bathroom

Dec 29, 2022 | Blog

The term a few years ago living container connoted clearly pejorative and was treated by most as a joke rather than a serious alternative to other solutions on the residential real estate market. However, as you know, in today's world the only constant is change, so a lot has changed here as well. In large metropolises, every meter is not worth its weight in gold, the population and population density are growing, and the costs are increasing construction of traditional housing are getting higher. All these factors translate into an increase in interest in unusual forms of residential premises - also containers residential.

How is a living container built?

Criticism of the solution, which is a living container with a kitchen and bathroom, often results from ignorance of its construction. Many critics raise the construction as the crowning argument containers. They believe that these structures are unsuitable for permanent residence. And that's not true.

Perfect insulation

Each living container is perfectly insulated. Reliable manufacturers use mineral wool for this purpose, necessarily in combination with a vapor barrier foil. The thickness of the insulating layer is crucial: the insulation will effectively play its role only when the wool used is about 100 mm thick. When choosing a residential container, it is necessary to pay attention to this when analyzing the technical specification of the product. The second insulating layer is a laminated board fixed from the inside. It is usually offered in white, which brightens the interior and gives freedom to arrange the living space.

thermal insulation

Cottages container we insulate with 150mm mineral wool + vapor barrier foil

To make a living container with a kitchen and a bathroom really warm, the roof structure is also important, because as everyone knows, most heat escapes through the top. As in the case of wall construction, mineral wool and foil are used here. Suitable insulation is of great importance for the comfort of living. It is crucial not only to be warm in winter, but also to avoid excessive heat inside in spring and summer.

Modularity of living containers with kitchen and bathroom

What does it really mean that the design of the containers is modular and how does this affect the possibility of permanent living? First of all, modularity allows you to connect containers - this gives you the opportunity to build both a small "studio" and a few peaceful house. And all this on a very small plot, because containers not only horizontally but also vertically. Placing one element on top of another can be done thanks to the durable frame. Such a frame, in order to have the appropriate load-bearing capacity, should be welded from cold-formed sections with a thickness of 4 mm. But for the whole pavilion was strong enough, the columns bolted to the upper and lower frames must be made of solid sections (preferably cold-bent, also 4 mm thick).

living container

Habitable container inside (kitchen) | Ultramodule

Modularity also means the ability to customize the interior container to individual expectations. A classic living container with a kitchen and a bathroom is divided into two zones: a living space with a kitchenette and a separate bathroom. However, this can be changed by adding additional partition walls and supplementing the apartment with additional equipment.

Living container with kitchen and bathroom means low costs…

Many a critic habitable containers changes his mind after recalculating the costs. Converting to a square meter of space, there is no cheaper apartment, which is of great importance in the era of a difficult financial market. It is worth treating such an investment as the first stage on the way to building your own house in the future or buying a traditional apartment. However, at the start of adult life, it may be the only chance for many people to have their own place.

living container

Habitable container inside | Ultramodule

The availability of different sizes of containers is also important. Residential container solutions can be purchased from an area of ​​6 mXNUMX2, slightly larger sizes are also popular: 12 and 15 meters. A living container can resemble a classic hotel room with a bathroom and a window or be arranged as a complete apartment with a kitchenette. A properly arranged interior will convince even the biggest skeptic. Especially if you take into account the low cost of using such an apartment.

The living container does not generate high costs: lighting is based on energy-saving LEDs, and heating is provided by electric heaters with optimally selected power.

... and short lead time

In the modern world, one of the most valuable resources is time. AND building "house" using living containers with kitchen and bathroom certainly takes less time than any other investment. When ordering a container from a reputable manufacturer, all you have to do is choose the version, adjust the interior layout to your expectations and wait for assembly. During this time, it is enough to put a block foundation on the plot, which will take a maximum of one day. You should also ensure that the appropriate installations are connected. Habitable containers are placed in the indicated place using a crane or HDS, and it takes literally several minutes.

Habitable container

Habitable container | Ultramodule


Who is a living container with a kitchen and a bathroom for?

First of all, it is a perfect solution for young people starting their adult life. The idea of ​​construction container sums up the statement perfectly tight but own. For every young person, own "four corners" is an important stage in life and often a dream difficult to achieve. In addition to the low cost of purchasing such a container, the small plot needed to erect it makes this solution within the reach of a much larger group of people than a traditional apartment.

A less typical destination for residential containers with kitchen and bathroom can be avant-garde hotels. The costs of building and then maintaining such a facility are significantly lower than any other structure. In addition, the modular construction of high-quality containers allows them to be stacked, which gives the possibility of an interesting arrangement of such a facility.

People who manage housing policy in large cities should also pay attention to residential containers, where every meter of land is at a premium. Building housing estates from residential containers is the direction in which the development industry should turn. Building objects can be built from containers social or college towns.

Living containers are a serious alternative to traditional construction

Economic conditions, low costs, as well as a solid construction of residential containers make them not only a real, but also a serious alternative to other solutions on the housing market. Their popularity is constantly growing, and manufacturers are still improving the solutions offered to make the apartment in containers it was getting more comfortable.

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