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Container - affordable office for start-ups and small businesses

May 11, 2023 | Blog

Container - affordable office for start-ups and small businesses

Container - reasonably priced office for start-ups and small businesses

You create a unique product or offer a high-quality service that will soon conquer the market. You have gathered a highly qualified team of specialists who are committed and believe in your project, and you are thinking more and more seriously about finding investors who will give you wind in your sails, propelling a unique idea with the right amount of money.
However, when you're just starting out, you have to count every penny - and you need a high-quality place that allows you to work comfortably and efficiently. Classic rental offices this is a big cost for a start-up or start-up company. Remote work is an alternative, but not every project will fulfill its task.
However, there is a reasonable and affordable alternative to classic office spaces - a container adapted for office purposes. In this article you will find out why it is worth considering this solution and why, despite the much lower price, it has many other advantages over a classic office.


What is a container?

History containers it starts with the transport industry. Its extremely rigorous requirements and the need for durable and durable structures, but at the same time cheap to produce objects suitable for the transport of goods, contributed to the creation of container, the use of which nowadays has gone far beyond the framework of the logistics industry!
Strict quality and safety standards make it containers they are easily adapted to a very wide range of utility purposes - they are used as apartments, staff quarters, hotels, warehouses and of course - also as offices!
A raw container is, to put it very simply, a metal structure with walls made of sheet metal. However, it can be easily adapted to residential needs or occupational health and safety requirements by equipping the structure with insulation, doors, windows, ventilation, heating and, of course, furniture.
As a result, a properly made container will meet the requirements of even the most demanding entrepreneurs, offering a place perfectly suited to the flow of creative energy and the development of a new company - factors necessary for the success of every start-up and small enterprise.


Office container for a start-up - why is it worth choosing?

What makes young entrepreneurs more and more willing to choose containers instead offices located in classic buildings?

There is no doubt that start-ups and new companies often struggle with a low budget and the need to use small funds as efficiently as possible. It is also important to reduce the risk associated with the investment - sometimes even the best ideas do not work out and do not gain the expected interest among customers.
Logistics, distribution channels, factory or budget spent on ineffective marketing can also fail… many things can go wrong! Starting your own company, especially an innovative start-up, is a chance to change the world for the better and ensure your financial well-being - but also the possibility of incurring losses related to the investment in the company.
That is why probably the most important advantage of containers as space for a start-up or small company is their low price - you can buy a ready-to-work container for PLN 17000 - 27000! Similarly, its rental is possible at prices much lower than in the case of a classic office.
You can easily adjust the container to your needs - the smallest ones have an area of ​​6 sq m, the largest - about 16 sq m. If you need more usable space, here comes another key advantage of containers - the ability to easily expand them based on construction modular.
This means that you will not only easily choose the size office container perfectly suited to your current needs; but also the fact that when your company develops and you hire more employees, you won't have to change your office! Just buy another container and connect it to the existing one.
It does not even have to mean a greater need for space for construction - the containers can be expanded both horizontally and vertically, creating a multi-story structure. As a standard, containers are very durable and allow you to build many floors, but it is worth asking the seller about it and making sure before buying about the strength of the container and the possibility of stacking it.

How long does it take to build and assemble a container for a small company?

Another good news! Building a container, transporting it to the site, and then assembly and installation usually takes only a few weeks in total. In such a short time, you probably wouldn't even be able to find a suitable place to rent, let alone build a dedicated one building from zero!


What requirements must a container for a start-up or small company meet?

You must remember that the choice of a container does not release the construction from the need to meet all the standards that are legally required for classic offices.
Your workplace must provide comfortable and safe conditions for employees - this means ensuring, among other things, o adequate lighting, temperature, ventilation, protection against sunlight or access to a sanitary room and bathroom.
This all may sound like a lot of work… but by choosing the right company, you don't have to worry about it! You will find raw containers on the market, but usually a better choice will be to buy a model that has already been adapted to office needs and meets all the requirements set out by Polish law. Properly prepared office container can be found in our company, and a customer advisor will guide you through the process, helping you choose the model that best meets your individual needs and expectations.

Here are the conditions and requirements that a container must meet if you want to use it as a workplace:


The workplace should have free access to both natural and artificial light. The containers are standard equipped with windows that provide plenty of sunlight. When it comes to lamps, we recommend choosing LED models - they are characterized not only by high efficiency and durability, but also by low energy consumption.


The requirements as to the temperature that should be in the workplace are clearly defined by law - it is 14 ° C on warmer days and 18 ° C when it is cold outside. However, the mere fulfillment of the conditions set out by law does not necessarily mean comfortable working conditions - 14°C may be too low for most people and it is usually used in warehouses where intensive physical work is performed.
What temperature will be optimal? According to the Institute of Occupational Medicine, it is 23,9-26,7°C in summer and 20-22,8°C in winter.
Remember that the container must be properly insulated - otherwise you will face high bills heating in winter and heat problems in summer. If you do the insulation yourself, you should use 100 mm thick wool and a laminated board. Both the walls and the roof require insulation. If you choose a container adapted to your utility needs from a trusted manufacturer, you don't have to worry about it - Ultramodulaa containers have high-quality insulation installed.

Ventilation and protection against moisture

Ventilation and protection against moisture will be ensured, for example, by tilting windows. You don't have to worry about this issue, just like others, when ordering ready-made office container.

Sanitary and social facilities

The purpose of the sanitary facilities is to allow employees to leave their belongings, prepare a meal, drink hot tea and use the toilet. These are very basic requirements that every workplace must meet.
How to equip sanitary and social facilities? Kettle, microwave and fridge are essential. A coffee machine will also come in handy, as well as a table, chairs and cupboards.
The number of toilets should be adjusted to the number of employees. In the case of a small company, one toilet and a sink are often enough.


Do you need a building permit if you want to work in a container? 

Right construction in Poland does not give a clear answer to this question. It depends on how long you intend to use the container. If you plan to use it for no longer than 180 days, all you need to do is submit a construction notification to the competent architectural and construction administration authority before starting work.
However, if you want to have an office in container permanently, we recommend obtaining a building permit. This is not always necessary, but often the decision depends on the individual assessment of the licensing authority. If you are not sure and would like to avoid unnecessary formalities - it is best to use the advice of a lawyer who will advise you on how to proceed in your situation. 

How to get a building permit? 

You must submit an appropriate application to the city or county office. Before you do this, it is worth finding out exactly what documents are required - they may vary depending on the office. An application for a building permit should be considered by the office/starostwo within no more than 65 days. If you receive a refusal or the application is not considered within the deadline, you can appeal to the local government appeals board.


Is the container subject to property tax?

If you run a business, you have to take into account the cost of real estate tax. It applies not only to commercial premises and buildings, but also to land and buildings. According to the Act on Local Taxes and Fees, the real estate tax applies to buildings or parts thereof, and structures or parts thereof, which are separate objects of ownership or possession.
A building is understood as a construction object with a closed body permanently connected to the ground, which can be used throughout the year, and a construction object other than a building, which is permanently connected to the ground or water.
An office container is a building structure with a closed body that can be used all year round. However, the question of whether it is permanently connected to the ground does not always have a clear answer. It all depends on how the office pedestal has been attached and how long it is to be used in a given place. Tax authorities and administrative courts have different views on whether office containers are buildings or structures. Some say that an office container is permanently connected to the ground if it is placed on foundations or other structural elements that prevent it from being moved without damage. Others argue that an office container is permanently attached to the ground if it is intended for permanent use on a given site and cannot be moved without incurring significant costs. 

The question of taxation law office containers real estate tax is not obvious and requires a case-by-case assessment. If you are unsure of your situation, it is worth consulting a legal advisor before buying or renting an office container.

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A container as a workplace is an effective and affordable way to start your own business or set up a start-up and provide your team with a decent and comfortable workplace.
An office container is not only of high quality, but also an opportunity to reduce the risk associated with investing in a new company, and this construction meets all the standards and requirements of Polish law.

Do you have questions or are considering buying or container rental for office purposes? contact us and our customer advisor will help you make the right decision.

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