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What makes a gatehouse container stand out?

Nov 5, 2022 | Blog

As the Polish proverb says, Agatha's bread guards the hut from the fire, container pavilions is an excellent solution as type objects concierges or guardhouses. However, in order for them to play their role well, they must meet several important conditions. So how do you choose a good one container gatehouse? Is there a better solution modularor simple container? Or maybe it is worth trying to have a small brick gatehouse?

What makes a gatehouse container stand out?

The role of gatehouses and gatehouses

A small booth at the entrance to a guarded housing estate, a small facility in the parking lot of the office center, a larger building located at the factory gate ... the gatehouse, depending on its function, can take various forms. However, its main role is always to provide a comfortable workplace for security services. In some situations, a small box is enough, because one person works in the gatehouse. Other times, space is needed for several guards as well as for an extensive monitoring system. Requirements vary, but a modular gatehouse is always the best choice.

It should be remembered that such facilities are also a kind of business card of the company. This is often the point of first contact for customers or other visitors with the organization. So it is worth investing in an aesthetic and good quality product - the first impression can only be made once.

Container gatehouse

Gatehouse container 3D visualization


Advantages of a container gatehouse

The first advantage worth emphasizing containers gatehouses is their mobility. It is easy to move them from place to place when the need arises, e.g. the entrance to the factory premises will require renovation or periodic reconstruction of the street will force access to the office building from a different side than usual. Concierge with container can also be resold in case it served temporarily during construction. Ease of carrying is also the ability to turn the gatehouse when necessary.

The great advantages of this type of solutions are also the speed and ease of installation. When the gatehouse is erected on a hardened ground, such as paving stones, it does not even need a foundation, just a few foundation blocks are enough. The gatehouses are fully assembled by the manufacturer and delivered to the place of use ready to be erected. The assembly itself is carried out with the use of a crane or HDS, and it takes literally several minutes. Later, all you have to do is connect the power and water and sewage connections and it's ready.

Gatehouse container: price

Of course, the price of such a solution is also important. Modular gatehouses are low-budget facilities: both in terms of purchase and assembly, as well as subsequent operation. Because their building is compact, and the area is small, the costs of heating and other utilities are low. Of course, the cheapest will be simple containers tin, but in the case of a gatehouse, it is worth betting on pavilions modular, made of high-quality materials, properly equipped.

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Equipment of the gatehouse container

According to the Regulation of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy on general health and safety at work in par. 15 Work rooms and their equipment should provide employees with safe and hygienic working conditions. In particular, in work rooms, natural and artificial lighting, appropriate temperature, air exchange and protection against moisture, unfavorable thermal conditions and sunlight, vibrations and other factors harmful to health and nuisance should be provided. What does this mean in the context of gatehouses? The fact that, like any other workplace, it must provide employees with appropriate conditions. In particular, such facilities are used virtually XNUMX/XNUMX without interruption.

The health and safety requirements cited above make it clear what is needed, and good-quality gatehouse containers meet all of the above-mentioned requirements.


The inflow of natural light is ensured by windows of appropriate size, which, in the context of the temperature requirements in the rooms, should be tight. It is worth choosing a container equipped with modern PVC joinery. However, when choosing artificial lighting sources, it is best to buy an object with LED lamps. There are light colors similar to natural, which significantly improves the comfort of staying in such a small room, and besides, they consume minimal amounts of electricity.

Adequate temperature, air exchange and protection against moisture

These three factors are interrelated, because they result from the proper construction and insulation of the gatehouse container. Solutions intended for porter's lodges are built analogously to transport containers. A good quality frame should be welded from cold-formed sections with a thickness of 3 mm. To make the whole pavilion was strong, the columns bolted to the upper and lower frames must be made of durable sections. 

Each concierge it must be year-round, and therefore insulated. Reliable manufacturers use mineral wool in combination with a vapor barrier foil for this purpose. In order for the insulation to play its role effectively, the wool should be about 50 mm thick. In addition, another insulating layer is a laminated board fixed from the inside of the container. It is usually white, which brightens the interior - it is of great importance due to the size of the gatehouses. an important element building there is a roof that also needs to be insulated. As in the case of walls, mineral wool with foil is used.

Good quality insulation, this is the most important feature of the guardhouse container. Since employees stay inside for a long time, it is important not only to keep them warm in winter, but also to avoid excessive heat in the room in summer.

Social and sanitary facilities

In addition to a well-designed electrical installation (including the aforementioned lighting), social and sanitary facilities, i.e. a kitchen and a bathroom, are important for the comfort of people's work. As for the issues of the kitchen area, most often a small table with an electric kettle and a microwave oven is enough. Bathroom equipment is a matter of the buyer's expectations - high-quality concierge containers can be equipped with a toilet with a washbasin or additionally have a shower.

The container gatehouse is a good solution

Choice container as a gatehouse that's a good solution. Cost effective, quick to implement and comfortable to use. When buying, it is necessary to make sure that the chosen solution will meet the health and safety requirements and will be comfortable for employees.

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