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Special order container

June 15, 2022 | Blog

Order containers

Due to the fact that everyone container Ultramodulae is manufactured from scratch, the customer has the option of completely adapting the facility to their own needs. This applies, among others, to the dimensions of the structure - we have 3 options to choose from MINI, STANDARD and MAXI > Ultramodulaa offer on containers custom also includes providing the right finish inside and out. This allows the facility to stand out from the crowd, remembered by customers. As container manufacturer on special request, we adjust the internal division, as well as the necessary equipment - incl. devices sanitary. We encourage you to contact us to find out what additional solutions can be installed in ours containers made-to-measure. It is not a problem for us to prepare non-standard, specialized arrangements.

Customized containers from Ultramodulaa

Contrary to standard modules, special containers are made by us in the dimensions selected by the customer, which facilitates their foundation, for example, next to the already existing infrastructure. We design these structures taking into account, inter alia, diverse expectations regarding the arrangement of walls, doors and windows, as well as equipment.

Why Ultramodulaa?

First of all, Ultramodulaa comprehensively deals with the implementation of each order, using proven technologies. To meet the expectations of our customers, we are able to make projects that take into account individual expectations regarding both the dimensions of the object composed of containers, its external covering, internal equipment, as well as the solutions used in the field of joinery.

If you are interested in non-standard modules tailored to specific expectations - please contact our experts and consult them.

Combined modular containers
Office spaces - equipment
Ultramodulaa, triple container inside

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