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Office containers as a workplace

Nov 6, 2022 | Blog

On the way of development of every company, smaller or larger, there comes a time when office – however small, it becomes essential. At such a moment, the question arises: what would it look like? Of course, there is no one right answer. The optimal choice is influenced by various variables, such as the amount of people who have in it office work, tasks that will be carried out in this space, the nature of the company's operations and many, many others, including the budget. If container office space will be the best solution for any company? Probably not, but for the vast majority of them it will be perfect.

A container is a good starting office

Due to its advantages, such as ease of erection, short lead time and relatively low cost, containers office spaces are an excellent choice as the first office of a growing company. There are objects available in the market in various sizes, starting with options mini with a usable area of ​​only 6m2. This is a great initial step in building a place where employees can work comfortably or meet clients.

Office container

Office containers as a workplace.

Importantly, along with the dynamic development of the company, the office can also easily expand. Office containers have a modular structure, which makes it possible to attach further objects to the existing structure. It is a convenient and optimal solution - it gives you the opportunity to increase the usable area at any time, without the need to move or costly renovation. Interestingly, the office can be expanded not only "width", but also upwards. Good quality construction containers allows them to be stacked. 

Office containers as a workplace

Modern office containers


How to choose an office container?

The first stage in choosing the optimal facility for the company is to determine the actual demand for usable space. It will depend on the number and size of workstations to be placed in the office, as well as on what additional functions the new space is to perform. If it is to act as a convenient place for business meetings, you need to provide an appropriate space for a conference room with a table and social facilities. However, when a company needs premises to store a large amount of documentation, additional meters will be needed for the archive.

Construction matters

combined office container

Office containers modular.

The next step is to choose the best quality product. It is worth analyzing the manufacturers' offers and checking how the given product is made office container. His building it must be solid, especially if it is to be expandable in the future offices: not every container has the option of stacking. A high-quality frame should be made of cold-formed sections with a thickness of 4 mm. To make the whole container finally it was really strong, the columns bolted to the upper and lower frames also have to be made of durable sections, preferably cold-bent.

Appearance matters

Office container connected inside.

Interconnected office containers.

An office, whether or not it is in a private one house, a large office building or container, is always the business card of the company. Therefore, when buying an object, it is worth paying attention to the quality of the finish, both inside and outside, and the scope of available personalization, e.g. the possibility of painting the object in a selected color.

Orange office container

We paint office containers in the color of your choice.


The workplace must meet health and safety standards

When choosing a container for an office, one must not forget about the regulations governing this area of ​​business activity. As specified in the Regulation of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy on general health and safety at work in par. 15 Work rooms and their equipment should provide employees with safe and hygienic working conditions. In particular, in work rooms, natural and artificial lighting, appropriate temperature, air exchange and protection against moisture, unfavorable thermal conditions and sunlight, vibrations and other factors harmful to health and nuisance should be provided. 

What does this mean in practice? That, like any other office space, the container must guarantee good conditions for people staying in it. The regulations specify the requirements for the workplace, and a properly selected container will meet them without any problems.

Office container lighting

Lighting in an office container

Combined office containers.

For comfortable working in the office, natural light must be provided. This task is performed by windows of appropriate size. It is worth choosing a container equipped with modern, sealed PVC joinery to meet the next regulatory requirement, i.e. ensuring the right temperature. However, when choosing artificial lighting sources, it is best to buy an object with LED lamps. There are colors of light that are close to natural, which is better for the eyes, especially when working at the computer. In addition, they consume minimal amounts of electricity.

Adequate temperature, air exchange and protection against moisture

These three factors are interrelated, because they result from proper construction and insulation office container. Solutions intended for office buildings are built analogously to transport containers. Each office must be year-round, and thus well insulated. Reliable manufacturers use mineral wool in combination with a vapor barrier foil for this purpose. In order for the insulation to play its role effectively, the wool should be about 100 mm thick. In addition, another insulating layer is a laminated board fixed from the inside of the container. It is most often in white, which brightens the interior and gives freedom to arrange the office space.

An important element building there is a roof that also needs to be insulated. Similarly to walls, mineral wool and foil are used. Good quality insulation is of great importance: it is important not only to be warm in winter, but also to avoid excessive heat in the room in summer.

Social and sanitary facilities are obligatory in every office

In addition to a well-designed electrical installation (including the already mentioned lighting), social and sanitary facilities, i.e. a kitchen area and bathrooms, are important for the comfort of work. Depending on the function performed by the office, these areas in individual containers may be designed differently.

office container with bathroom and toilet

Office container with bathroom toilet

If the office will only be a place of work and no visits from outside guests are planned, then an electric kettle and a microwave oven will suffice as part of the kitchen. Otherwise, kitchen facilities must be prepared in the event of officeswhose main function is the representation and reception of customers. In such a situation, space should also be planned for a coffee machine, more cupboards for tableware and necessarily a fridge.

The design of the bathroom also depends on the purpose of the office. In a tiny office for several people who perform sedentary work, a toilet with a washbasin is enough in the container being an office for the team on the construction site of a large housing estate, it is worth thinking about a shower.

Office containers are only advantages

Regardless of the size of the office, type of activity or purpose, office containers have virtually the same advantages. What is especially worth emphasizing?

  • lead time - quick assembly
  • low costs: both for purchase and placing, and for operation
  • modular structure allowing for the expansion of the office along with the development of the company
  • various possibilities of interior configuration
  • quick disassembly or transfer to another place

When looking for an office for your company, it is worth considering the purchase of a container. When we choose a product from a reputable, proven manufacturer, it will serve for many years, and the costs will be significantly lower than any other solution.

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