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Combined containers. Discover the possibilities of expanding container buildings.

Jan 19, 2023 | Blog

Just a few years ago, container buildings were treated as some kind of extravagance or reduced only to the role of "tin" on the construction site. Current trends in the construction market have changed this situation somewhat - more and more industries have become convinced of the advantages containers as buildings, whether residential or commercial. Container objects like domy, offices and other designs, have grown in popularity because they offer a wide range of benefits. They are not only affordable, but also durable, modular and easy to transport.


Sizes and usable area of ​​containers

Although buildings made of containers have many undeniable advantages, still many people are not convinced of such a solution. Too small usable area often becomes an insurmountable barrier container. It is not easy to organize an office or shop in less than 16 mXNUMX2because such area is often offered on the market. It's a fact: individual containers are small buildings. The most popular sizes are 6, 12 and 16 m2. Such options are completely sufficient for places such as cafes, fast-food bars or souvenir shops or newspapers. They will certainly prove themselves as a construction office during a large investment and as a manicure or hairdressing salon. However, they will not accommodate social and sanitary facilities for a large-scale road construction investment or an office for 20 people. And here it is worth mentioning another important advantage of containers - the possibility of connecting them with each other.

Containers we manufacture in three standardized dimensions, thanks to which our customers have the possibility of a wide configuration:

Ultramodulaa MINI container

Container MINI | Ultramodulae

Ultramodulaa STANDARD container

STANDARD container | Ultramodulae

Max container

MAXI container | Ultramodulae


Expansion possibilities of container buildings

Modular containers offered by reputable manufacturers is a good way to build facilities with the right unlimited area. Professional modular solutions can be combined in any way, thanks to the standardized connection system and optimally matched sizes. Connecting containers is the most popular method of expanding buildings container. By connecting two or more containers with the use of dedicated connectors, you can create a variety of projects, from simple, regular structures to avant-garde objects with unconventional shapes. They offer so many possibilities containers three key features:

  • unification of dimensions
  • durable fasteners
  • durable construction


Easy design thanks to unified dimensions

Wanting to build an office pavilion commercial or other utility facility based on modular combined containers it is important to design the entire facility well. Thanks to the unified dimensions of individual containers, this is not a difficult task. Appropriately selected proportions of individual objects make it possible to combine them both on the short and on the long side. This allows you to create varied projects, tailored to the needs and expectations of a given business. Architects who want to create interesting and functional buildings will appreciate the standardization of dimensions offered by reliable manufacturers containers.


Key to the stability of buildings: fasteners for modular containers

The most important element of combined containers are certainly well-designed fastening systems. The connection of individual objects with each other is possible thanks to special pull handles. It is important to choose a solution from an experienced supplier, because only the best quality fasteners ensure connection stability and long-term durability. 

It is also important that producer provided installation support. Individual containers should be assembled in a previously designed facility at the place of delivery by specialists: fitters and electricians.


Durable construction

Building container only seems simple at first glance. In fact, it is a demanding structure, which requires specialist knowledge and properly selected materials to design and manufacture. This is necessary to create durable and comfortable objects from them. Modular containers are manufactured on the basis of a frame made of steel sheets. In order for the whole to be stable and stackable, the structure must be extremely durable. In good quality models, the frame is welded from cold-formed sections with a minimum thickness of 4 mm, and the columns are made of solid sections (also cold-formed). In order to strengthen the whole, they are screwed to the upper and lower frames. To stiffen the entire body of the container, the floor is made of OSB boards - its thickness should be about 20-22 mm.

To make it even easier to expand container buildings, container walls are interchangeable panels of various types: door, window, or simply full. Such panels can be placed according to the needs, e.g. the door can be integrated on the shorter or longer side, and the number of window panels can be changed depending on the purpose of the container.


Combined containers - also stackable

When it comes to connecting containers, there are many design options: short or long side strapping, as well as stacking them. However, this option is only possible with appropriately designed products. It must be durable to maintain the stability of the final product building. It should also be remembered that one of the most important factors is the weight of the structure. To guarantee the stability of the object, it is important to distribute the weight evenly containers. However, it is worth trying, because the most unique and most interesting projects are created when there is a combination of horizontal and vertical. 

Expansion of container buildings upwards has another important advantage - using the same plot area, you can get twice as much usable area.


How can combined containers be used?

The construction of modular containers enables easy construction of extensive structures, both single- and multi-level. They can be used to design entire, large buildings, but what can they really be used for?

The only limit is really your imagination, but combined containers work especially well as an application:

Application and features of sanitary containers

Sanitary container combined | Ultramodulae

A dynamically changing construction site

At the construction site, constructions made of combined containers will be especially good as offices - stacking them will save space, which is especially valuable when organizing a construction site. Another popular application is locker rooms and staff facilities. The ability to connect (and disconnect) is the ease of modifying the surface of these facilities depending on the number of people employed in a given period of work. On construction sites, containers are also used as handy storage for small construction equipment.


Office or service premises with a development perspective

Combined containers, which have wide expansion possibilities, are an ideal solution as offices, especially as the first headquarters of a growing company. This is a great initial step in building a place where employees can comfortably work or meet clients. Thanks to the ease of expansion offered by modular containers, along with the dynamic development of the company, the office can also easily expand. It is a convenient and optimal solution - it gives you the opportunity to increase the usable area at any time, without the need to move or costly renovation. Similarly, such facilities can be used as service premises: shops, cafes, restaurants and many, many more.


Comfortable apartment

Insulated, equipped with kitchen and sanitary facilities, the containers are combined as a low-cost response to the needs of the construction industry socialand a perfect holiday home. Container buildings are a very affordable alternative, e.g. to wooden ones cottages from logs. When it comes to broadly understood residential functions, combining the appropriate number of containers can also create an avant-garde one hotels or a dorm on a student campus.


Spacious warehouses

In the case of many industries, container buildings that can be easily connected and disconnected can be a solution to the bothering problem of trade seasonality. At certain times of the year, the demand for warehouse space is higher, and at other times it is much smaller. Modularity and ease of assembly, disassembly and transport enable dynamic adjustment of the warehouse size to current needs.

Check out our offer of combined modular containers: 

Combined modular containers

Combined containers - why is it worth choosing them?

With the ever-increasing demand for sustainable and affordable building solutions, container buildings are sure to become an increasingly popular choice in many industries. The possibility of creating inexpensive, yet functional and unique projects in a simple way is the reason why it is worth choosing a building made of combined containers.

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