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Storage containers at the construction site

Feb 3, 2023 | Blog

What is missing on every construction site when it starts? You know: buildings. There are bigger and smaller machines construction, various types of equipment, many employees and high traffic. So how do you keep your valuables organized and secure? They are the perfect solution containers storage units that provide a versatile and convenient place to store all your movables.


Why choose storage containers?

Behind the choice containers as warehouses on various types of construction sites, there are many arguments. From their construction, through the universality of this solution, to low costs, both of purchase and operation. It is difficult to point out any disadvantages of this type of facilities - they are used properly during each investment and have become a permanent feature of the landscape of squares construction.



At the beginning, it is necessary to emphasize the mobility of storage containers. As you know, no investment lasts forever - after its completion, such a facility can be easily moved to another construction site. Importantly, the construction of the containers allows them to be placed directly on the ground or only on foundations made of blocks. They are installed at the destination using a crane or HDS, and it takes only a few minutes. Such trouble-free movement of warehouses is also particularly helpful in the case of large-scale investments, for example road projects, when the works are often moved in the field. Then the warehouse facilities can follow the employees and be always located at the optimal distance from the activities carried out - this is one of the most important advantages of storage containers at the construction site.

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Resistance to weather conditions

The second key advantage that cannot be overlooked is the fact that the containers are resistant to weather conditions. Originally designed for sea transport, they are manufactured from heavy-duty steel and built to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. This makes them an ideal choice for outdoor storage. They help protect your equipment, materials and tools from damage, and keep them ready for use when you need them.


Durable construction of storage containers

Proper construction ensures containers storage, not only the already mentioned mobility, but also allows them to be stacked. This is of great importance when using storage containers on a construction site, where it is often difficult to allocate a large space for back-up facilities, and after all, during investments, apart from warehouses, facilities are also needed social and sanitary for staff. However, not every container is suitable for stacking. Solutions offered by reputable manufacturers that give such an opportunity are made in the appropriate technology with the use of durable materials. A frame like this container it should be welded from cold-formed sections with a thickness of 4 mm, and to make the whole pavilion was strong, the columns bolted to the upper and lower frames must also be made of solid sections (preferably cold-bent, with the same thickness as in the case of the frame, 4 mm).

Storage container at the construction site

Storage container on construction site | Ultramodulae


Anti-burglary protection

The main task of storage containers at the construction site is to protect construction equipment, both against adverse weather conditions and against theft. Often it is the issue of protection against intrusions that is raised as a weakness containers. Wrong. Warehouses container because they can be equipped with extensive access control systems. Choosing the right method is important and depends on individual needs, and above all, the type and quantity of equipment stored in a given warehouse. Professional security bolts offered by container manufacturers are a good standard.


Buy or rent storage containers on a construction site?

When looking for a storage container for construction, many investors ask themselves a difficult question: buy or rent. Of course, there is no clear answer here. The rental option is certainly a better choice for private investors. When starting the construction of your dream house, it is good to make sure that a small, multifunctional container appears on the plot, which will play the role of not only a warehouse, but also a bathroom, kitchen or a place to rest.

On the other hand, for large road building companies or developers, the purchase of containers is a matter of course. It is worth remembering that the unquestionable advantages of containers include their mobility and ease of adaptation. In practice, this means that a given copy does not always have to have the same purpose - the facility, initially dedicated to a warehouse, can be used as a office.


Storage containers on the construction site mean low costs

The purchase of a facility, which is a storage container, is a low cost compared to traditional buildings. In addition, the possibility of renting means that for really little money, you can get a fully functional, durable and well-protected warehouse against burglary. Importantly, its surface can be easily modified by adding or removing individual containers. Thus, the number of facilities used during the investment can change dynamically, adjusting to current needs, and at the same time optimizing costs.

Check out our storage containers:

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Are storage containers on construction sites necessary?

They are certainly not so much a must-have as the best storage solution for any construction site. They provide protection against the effects of external factors and security, they are durable and economical, and they can be easily moved between investments. This makes them the perfect choice for any construction.

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