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Residential containers - a cheap, durable and mobile solution

Habitable container | Ultramodule

Container residential | Ultramodule

Buy or rent? Choose an apartment in a block of flats or your own sun? Small a house a one-story and classic house with an attic? Such choices are most often faced by young people who are arranging their first own apartment. But there is another option: fast, cheap, perfect for a start. This residential containers – a low-cost alternative to traditional housing options.

Who is a residential container for?

Residential container solutions offered on the market start with an area of ​​6 mXNUMX2, sizes 12 and 15 meters are popular. Such a container can resemble a classic hotel room with a bathroom and a window or be arranged as a complete apartment with a small kitchenette. Converted to a square meter of space, there is no cheaper apartment - this is certainly one of the main reasons why you should be interested in buying container residential. Such an investment may be the first stage on the way to building your own home in the future, and at the start of adult life it will give you a chance to have your own place. 

Tight but own – this saying perfectly reflects the idea of ​​container construction. The already mentioned low costs are one side of the coin, the other is the small space needed to build such a "house". This is an important argument in the case of large, densely populated metropolises, where every meter of plots is at a premium. Creating settlements with containers is the direction in which the development industry in the largest cities should turn. This is a good solution, for example, for facilities such as student housing or construction social. They can also be used as staff quarters, for example on large farms where additional workers are hired seasonally.

Habitable container - Ultramodula

Habitable container | Ultramodule

By applying containers in the smallest sizes, you can also build an unconventional, modern hotel. The construction of high-quality containers allows them to be stacked, which gives the possibility of an interesting arrangement of such a facility. The costs of construction and maintenance are low, and what is important, a completely small building plot is enough to start.

Habitable container | Ultramodule

Habitable container | Ultramodule


Advantages of residential containers

The biggest advantage of containers over other housing options is, of course, the price. However, it is worth taking a closer look at the construction and equipment of these facilities. They are wrongly associated with a very low standard and are not considered as an alternative to, for example, the first "adult" apartment.

Interior design

Living containers offered by reputable manufacturers are equipped with all necessary devices sanitaryi.e. toilet, shower, sink. It is a fully functional bathroom in a separate room. A separate bedroom gives you the opportunity to arrange it according to individual expectations, and the possibility of adding additional walls will allow you to separate a place for a kitchenette. In this way, a comfortable studio apartment is created in the container.

Habitable container | Ultramodule

Habitable container inside


Robust construction

Importantly, high-quality residential containers are properly insulated and sound insulated. Reliable manufacturers choose mineral wool for this purpose, necessarily in combination with a vapor barrier foil. Insulation will play its role effectively when the wool used is about 100 mm thick - it is worth paying attention to when analyzing the technical specification of the product. The second insulating layer is a laminated board fixed from the inside. It is usually offered in white, which brightens the interior and gives freedom to arrange the living space.

To keep the container really warm, the construction of the roof also matters. As you know, the most heat is lost up the mountain. As for the walls, mineral wool with foil is used here. Proper insulation is of great importance for the comfort of living. What counts is not only that it is warm in winter, but also that there is no unpleasant heat inside in summer.


Containers can be equipped by the manufacturer with all the elements of a conventional dwelling. In addition to the already mentioned bathroom and kitchenette, it is of course the entire heating system. These are electric heaters, adapted to the volume of the container. Each facility is also armed with a fully functional electrical installation with lighting. For economical use, LED lighting is used in the containers. It is a cheap solution to use, and also gives you the option of choosing the color of the light. In living rooms such as the bedroom, it is better to focus on warm shades, while in the bathroom, cold light works better.

Delivery time

Expectations to move into the new apartment you bought, or building a house last from a few to several months. And sometimes longer. Meanwhile, erecting a residential container is a matter of weeks or even days. It often takes the longest to adjust the functional layout of the interior. This process will run more smoothly if you choose cooperation with an experienced company. After ordering a matched option, just wait for the implementation. During this time, the foundation should be prepared from ready-made foundation blocks, but it will certainly not take more than 1 day, and the appropriate electrical and water installations should be installed. Residential containers are placed in the indicated place using a crane or HDS, and it takes literally several minutes.

Living container and building permit

The great advantage of the containers is the possibility of placing them without complicated formalities. Manufacturers often present this type of facilities as an example of buildings that can be erected without a building permit. And in fact, in many cases it is true. However, it is worth knowing that it is not the container itself that determines such an interpretation of the law, but a wide range of factors that ultimately affect whether a permit will be necessary or whether notification to the designated administrative authority is enough.

Unfortunately the law construction is complicated in this regard and although it offers many possibilities to use containers without the need to obtain a building permit, the situation needs to be carefully analyzed. It is often not as clear and simple as you can read on the websites of companies selling containers. That is why it is worth using the services of reputable manufacturers. Not only is it the certainty of a high-quality container, which is crucial since it is to be used as a flat, but you can also receive the support of experts who will show you how to implement the investment efficiently and quickly in accordance with the law.

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