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Sandwich panel containers

Nov 21, 2022 | Blog

Sandwich panel containers - do they really have the same advantages?

Containers with a layered structure are an extremely valued solution as pavilions commercial or service, as well as warehouses, officessmall gastronomy facilities. Where does their popularity come from? Are they really the perfect choice for everyone? It is worth saying "checking" and getting to know all the advantages of such facilities.

container inside

Container inside


How are sandwich panel containers constructed?

The main principle of sandwich construction, as the name suggests, is layers. In case of containers these are usually two sheets of cladding: the outer one is made of steel sheet and the inner one, which can also be made of sheet metal or, depending on the needs, of a laminated board, between which the filling is placed. It can vary depending on the purpose container. The most popular fillings include:

  • polystyrene cores,
  • mineral wool,
  • polyurethane.
Sandwich panels

Sandwich panels

The thickness of the inner layer is adapted to the type of container. if it is pavilion intended for warehouse, the filling can be thinner than in the case of structures used as offices or commercial pavilions and gastronomic. On the other hand, the sheet metal used as the outer layer should be trapezoidal - it is more durable and looks good. The recommended type of steel sheet used as the container casing is t8 due to the appropriate (low) profile.


Advantages of sandwich panel containers

The universality of containers made in sandwich panel technology is the result of several key advantages. They owe their success primarily to:

  • versatility of applications,
  • ease and speed of assembly,
  • mobility,
  • good technical properties and proven design.

The combination of these features means that these pavilions can be used by both small companies just starting in business, as well as large commercial enterprises or construction.

Container construction

Building container


Wide range of applications

Sandwich panel containers can be successfully used in many industries, because their universal construction allows them to adapt to various requirements. They will be perfect as commercial pavilions, among others, thanks to the possibility of installing trained wall elements. They are also popular in the catering industry - in modern food truck zones or in city parks. With their use, you can create an original, artistic cafe or a simple fast food point.

Containers made of sandwich panels can be found more and more often in rolls offices. Companies appreciate the economy of this solution, which, combined with full functionality, often wins over renting office space. Appropriate construction of this type pavilions guarantees compliance with health and safety requirements for the workplace. By choosing a container for office, because one cannot forget about the regulations in force in Poland. As specified in the Regulation of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy on general occupational health and safety regulations in par. 15 Work rooms and their equipment should provide employees with safe and hygienic working conditions. In particular, in work rooms, natural and artificial lighting, appropriate temperature, air exchange and protection against moisture, unfavorable thermal conditions and sunlight, vibrations and other factors harmful to health and nuisance should be provided. 

It simply means that, like any other office space, the container must guarantee the right conditions for the people staying in it. However, there is no reason to worry, a properly selected container will easily meet all requirements.

It is impossible not to mention the possibility of using containers made of sandwich panels as objects in the area construction. They can be spaces social for employees, a construction office or a place for storing tools. Storage is also a popular use of containers. Storage pavilions are a simple, inexpensive and convenient way to store virtually any type of goods.


Quick assembly of pavilions

Already at the stage of formalities, containers have an advantage over permanent objects. If you meet the appropriate conditions, you do not need a building permit to erect them. This not only simplifies the process of building, for example, a new office, but also radically shortens the time needed for the investment.

Combined containers

Combined containers

In terms of assembly, the pavilions are also unrivaled: cheap and available in every building warehouse foundation blocks are enough. The time of laying such blocks in the designated place is only a few or several hours. The container itself is placed on them with the help of a crane and takes literally a few minutes. No other object can be constructed at this rate.


Mobility of sandwich panel containers

Ease and speed of assembly is associated with another advantage of containers - their mobility. In a situation where there is a need to move a retail outlet to another location, it can be done efficiently without incurring high costs. This feature makes pavilions made of sandwich panels also often used by owners of seasonal catering outlets operating only for a few months a year.

Container mobility

Container mobility


Proven, solid construction

Not without significance is the construction of containers made of sandwich panels. It provides excellent thermal insulation, which is especially important when these buildings are used as offices or social zones for employees. In addition, the layered construction creates a good acoustic barrier. The strengths of the containers also include their high resistance to fire.

Container construction

Container construction


Buying a sandwich panel container is a good investment 

Office, shop, cafe, warehouse - containers will be perfect for each of these roles. If you add to this relatively low purchase and operating costs, as well as ease and speed of installation, you can say that it is an ideal solution. And certainly worth considering when looking for a place for business activity, regardless of the industry.

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