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The cost of erecting a container building

Feb 23, 2023 | Blog

architecture container becomes more and more popular every year. It is no longer a rare oddity or merely the choice of eccentric architects. Container ceased to be associated only with transport, and became an interesting alternative to traditional construction. When asked where the success of this solution came from, you can usually hear one answer: the cost of erecting the building container. Is it really as low as the popular opinion? What is the reason for the attractive price and does it not mean low quality? In the following article, we provide answers to all these questions.


What determines the cost of erecting a container building?

Expense construction building with containers it really depends on many different factors. The first and key is the size of the target object. One larger container will be a cheaper solution than obtaining the same area from two smaller "blocks". If the final structure is to be two-story, the containers to put it up will be more expensive, because they are building to put one on top of the other is more demanding.

An important parameter affecting the price container there is also its quality, or more precisely, the materials from which it is made. What matters is the thickness of the sheet metal, both that used in the structure and for the walls and roof covering. Warming is important and insulation, door and window joinery, as well as interior finishing.

The final cost of erecting a container building also depends on transport. It is worth choosing a supplier from Poland so that the distance that the purchased facility has to cover is as short as possible.


Price per square meter of space

Depending on the purpose of the container building, the price per square meter of usable space can fluctuate significantly. In case of storage containers or construction, it starts at about PLN 1600 for larger areas, and ends at about PLN 3000 for smaller buildings of a higher standard.

Prices are different pavilions services, office or commercial. These are buildings with a slightly different structure, intended for more image purposes, so their internal finish is made of better materials, which in turn translates into a higher final price. And so the cost of purchasing a meter of usable space pavilion container for an office or commercial function starts at about PLN 1900 and ends at about PLN 3600. All these prices are, of course, without additional equipment, which increases the costs in different ways.

However, as you can clearly see, compared to traditional construction methods, container buildings are a cost-effective alternative for those on a budget. And so it is true that the cost of erecting a container building is as low as the popular opinion.


Time is money

One of the significant advantages of buildings container construction time is short. In the case of traditional construction, the completion of construction, for example, a store or officesmay take months or even years. Which translates into costs - either renting premises for business for the duration of the investment, or costs of lost profits for the time of not running a business. In the case of container buildings, the construction time is incomparably shorter. From the order to the construction of the finished facility, it can take only a few weeks, and the "construction" process itself is counted in minutes. The containers are delivered to the site in their entirety and placed using a crane or HDS. This speed is ideal for people who want to start a new project as soon as possible.

Importantly, construction costs are also reduced by the lack of the need for a multi-person construction team. Container buildings are fully (or in prefabricated elements) made in the manufacturer's factory, so at the final assembly site it is enough to connect them to the electrical and water and sewage systems.


Durability of container buildings

The basic assumption of the design of transport containers is durability. They are supposed to withstand difficult conditions during transport. They are therefore manufactured from solid materials such as steel and aluminum that are resistant to strong winds, heavy rains and extreme temperatures. This means that container buildings are extremely durable, which makes them an excellent investment for many years. Thus, the low cost of purchase is even lower if you convert it into a period of trouble-free use. In the case of containers, good, i.e. low price, is not synonymous with poor quality.


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How to estimate the cost of erecting a container building?

As you can clearly see, the prices of container buildings are very attractive, but there are various factors that can affect the final cost. These types of facilities offer many benefits, including high quality, durability and short construction time, which makes them an attractive option for many people looking for a cost-effective alternative to a traditional building.

When considering an investment in a building containerized, it is best to consult an experienced manufacturer who will help match the optimal solution, prepare an accurate quote and guide you through the entire process. With a professional analysis of needs and a functional design, a building made of containers is an excellent investment, regardless of the industry and purpose of the facility.


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