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Modern service pavilions

In today's world, everything changes dynamically - only change is constant. This statement probably best describes modern business. To be successful, you need to make decisions quickly and then act without delay. They come to the rescue here service pavilions. Without a building permit, with an expressway to erect the foundation, immediately ready for use. All you need is an idea for a service activity, enthusiasm for action and really small financial resources.


Modern service pavilions


Service pavilion: the greatest advantages

A beauty or hairdressing salon, tailoring services, and even yoga classes - each of these (and other) services must have a place to operate. Building a traditional facility is time-consuming and very costly. Containerized service pavilions solve both of these problems: they can be erected right away, and their price is affordable.


Short delivery time

Which really means that pavilion service turns up quickly? The longest stage may be the decision to choose the pavilion model that will best suit the type of business. After that, it remains to order the option for yourself, prepare the foundation from ready-made foundation blocks - such an operation will not take more than 1 day - and wait for the delivery of the order. Pavilions are built on foundations using a crane or HDS, and it literally takes several minutes. Importantly, this form of assembly makes it possible to quickly move the object when the need arises. It is the flexibility of responding to the needs of a changing market, unlike any other building.


Low own costs

The construction of even a very small building is expensive - not always real to be incurred when starting a new business. Service pavilions are available in various sizes and equipment versions. It is therefore possible to adjust the options to any budget. Starting your own business is always associated with some risk. Choosing a container pavilion lowers the amount of the starting contribution, and thus limits the possible loss. In the event of resignation from running a business, the pavilion can be easily resold. For a building permanently attached to the ground, this process is much more complicated, especially when, for example, it is located on a plot of land next to a residential house.

In addition to the low cost of purchasing a service pavilion, it is worth emphasizing the economy of maintaining this type of facility. Utility bills will be significantly lower than for a typical commercial building.


How to choose the best service pavilion?

The restaurant is an important showcase of the company. Therefore, when choosing a product, pay attention not only to the quality of its workmanship, but also to its aesthetics. Elegant, modern service pavilion is definitely more attractive than a rented place in an old building that has not been renovated for years or an adapted garage in the corner of the yard. Reputable manufacturers offer the possibility of painting the walls of the pavilion in any color from the RAL palette - it's a great way to attract the attention of potential customers.Ultramodula commercial pavilion

Robust construction

Service pavilions are built analogously to containers transport. This is a great advantage, because it gives the opportunity to connect boxes with each other, both horizontally and vertically. However, stacking will be possible only when the construction of the pavilion is made of appropriate materials by a reliable manufacturer.

A good quality frame should be welded from 4 mm thick cold-bent sections. In order for the whole pavilion to be strong, the columns bolted to the upper and lower frames must be made of durable sections. Preferably cold-bent, also 4 mm thick.


Durable walls and roof

A good service pavilion must be year-round, and thus insulated. In modern constructions, rock wool is used for this purpose in combination with a vapor barrier foil. In order for the insulation to play its role effectively, the wool must be about 80 mm thick. An additional insulating (and finishing) layer is a laminated board fastened inside container. It is usually in white, which brightens the interior and also gives the best arrangement possibilities.

The roof is an important element of the building - it also requires proper insulation. As in the case of walls, wool and foil are used, but the roof insulation layer is usually 100 mm thick.


The floor, doors and windows

Modern service pavilions have a floor made of solid OSB (22 mm), on which a PVC lining is installed. It is worth paying attention to the insulation from the ground, because there is no extensive foundation, what counts is the thickness of the container insulation from the bottom. Proven manufacturers of service pavilions use 100 mm thick wool.

service pavilion

The key element to ensure thermal comfort in the service pavilion is the door and window joinery. The best models of pavilions are equipped with good-quality PVC windows and doors.


The devil is in the details

What really makes container turns into a modern service pavilion? Internal equipment, i.e. a series of smaller and larger elements that will transform a metal box into a functional place. First of all, it is an electrical installation, including, of course, sockets and lighting (preferably LED). In addition, the equipment sanitarysuch as shower or toilet and sink.

When arranging a service space in a pavilion, it is worth checking if producer makes it possible to install additional partition walls inside the building, as well as to install anti-burglary roller shutters. These are solutions that will significantly increase the functionality and convenience of using the pavilion on a daily basis.

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