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How are Ultramodulaa pavilions used?

Aug 2, 2022 | Blog

Meaning pavilions is gaining more and more popularity. This is because they can be used in a variety of places. Their size means that they can be placed in almost any location, thanks to which they are becoming more and more popular not only among companies, but also by individuals.

Commercial pavilions

Commercial pavilions Ultramodulaa also has in its offer. In this material, we present what the objects we produce look like. In the photo we can see the pavilion in the "maxi" version, which is a very good option for running a business, e.g. in a small gastronomy, flower shop, etc. The Ultramodulaa pavilion is distinguished by a glass front, thanks to which the owner of pavilion can present the range at its disposal. An additional advantage of a front made in this way is that it provides constant sunlight, thanks to which the owner is able to save on electricity bills, as he has constant access to natural light for most of the day. In addition to the maxi pavilions in the Ultramodulaa range, there are also smaller ones pavilions "standard" with dimensions of length: 6m / width: 2,45m / height: 2,82m and "mini" with dimensions of length: 3m / width: 2,45m / height: 2,82m. Such dimensions allow the pavilion to be set up in almost any place chosen by the contractor. Our facilities have a steel structure and are covered with trapezoidal sheet. This solution ensures long-term durability and stability. All pavilions are equipped with an eclectic installation, thanks to which you will be able to connect all kinds of devices that require connection to the mains.

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