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Gastronomic pavilions - why is it worth it?

sea ​​27, 2023 | Blog

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pavilions gastronomy - why is it worth it?

The dream of having your own restaurant may seem very distant – mainly due to organizational challenges, including the costs of premises. But you don't have to start with a 200-meter hall in the very center of the city. Catering pavilions are becoming an increasingly common alternative for many people who are taking their first steps on the road to their own catering business. Their growing popularity is due to their easy availability, low costs and the opportunities they provide to the investor. When looking for an idea for your own restaurant, pastry shop or bar, it is worth answering the question: gastronomic pavilions - why are they worth choosing?

Catering pavilions

Catering pavilions are a universal solution

One of the main reasons to invest in pavilion gastronomic, is their versatility. These structures can be used for a wide variety of functions, making them an ideal investment for anyone looking to start a catering business or expand an existing one. Buildings of this type can be used for any activity in the gastro industry - from wedding receptions and corporate events, through stationary restaurants and fast food bars, to large-scale outdoor festivals. Versatility pavilions comes from them construction container. Thanks to the modularity they give containers, you can create larger and smaller premises, small closed restaurants with homemade food and open premises with an extravagant menu. Good quality pavilions from reputable manufacturers can not only be combined horizontally, but also stacked. This opens the way to creating really unconventional building designs in a really small space.

A solid frame is the basis! It stabilizes and strengthens the whole structure. Thanks to it, our containers and pavilions are durable, fully safe and meet current construction standards.

A solid frame is the basis! It stabilizes and strengthens the whole structure. Thanks to it, our containers and pavilions are durable, fully safe and meet current standards construction.


Wide personalization possibilities

Gastronomic pavilions are, on the one hand, ready-to-purchase modules, and on the other hand (in cooperation with an experienced manufacturer) a large field for modifications in order to match the individual expectations of the investor. When buying an object from a reliable contractor, you can customize it on many levels: add glazing, internal partition walls or choose the color of the metal sheet it is made of. This is very important, because in a competitive restaurant business, the key to success is to draw the potential customer's attention at the outset and show what they can expect after entering the premises.

Personalization of the project and matching it to your vision is an important issue for us

Personalization of the project and matching it to your vision is an important issue for us

It should be remembered that every visual concept must be translated into a functional design - and here the role of the building contractor is particularly important. Good companies producing gastronomic pavilions will not only advise how to design all installations, but also prepare them in the selected configuration. In the case of restaurants, where the electrical or sanitary installations must work flawlessly and be adapted to the specifics of the menu served in the premises, these are basic issues. It is clear that a confectionery will have a different need, for example for electricity, than an Italian restaurant, whose heart is a highly energy-intensive pizza oven.

Mobility and quick assembly time

Container the design of catering pavilions ensures their mobility and flexibility in adapting to changes in the environment. This is important, for example, for fast food bars located in shopping centers, where changes to the location may be required for seasonal events, the organization of outdoor cinemas or cultural events such as concerts or festivals. Ease of transporting objects is also crucial for seasonal catering establishments such as fish fryers or ice cream stands. Mobility makes pavilions a common choice for organizers of large outdoor events, e.g. music festivals.

The ease of transport of the pavilions significantly reduces logistics costs. Carrying one building from place to place does not require very specialized equipment - a car with HDS is enough.

Concern for the environment

Pavilions producer

Pavilions | Ultramodulae

Restaurants container they are a pro-ecological solution. This is because they are made of steel, which is a very durable and recyclable material. By building a gastronomic establishment using a used one container marine life, you can reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment by reusing resources that would otherwise be thrown away. However, when starting your first business, it is worth betting on a new catering pavilion from a proven manufacturer to avoid complications related to adapting the container to the needs of the restaurant.

In which segment is it worth focusing on gastronomic pavilions?

The versatility of shopping pavilions makes them suitable for any type of catering establishment. However, there are types of restaurants or cafes for which such facilities are perfect. Belong to them:

  • type premises food truck, which can be located permanently, for example in a city park, or for a short time during events such as festivals or other outdoor events; these are usually establishments with a very limited menu, specializing in a few dishes in a chosen style;
  • cafes, pastry shops, bakeries, i.e. all places serving sweets; gastronomic pavilions with large glazing or an openable long wall are an ideal way to show the assortment and attract the attention of customers who often visit such places impulsively, tempted by what they see on the counter;
  • type restaurants fast food offering burgers, pizza or other quick takeaway; the functionality of the gastronomic pavilions allows you to easily organize this type of restaurant while maintaining low costs.

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