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Shopping pavilions - everything you need to know.

Jan 6, 2023 | Blog

Do you have an idea for a commercial business? Do you have a great, unique product? Do you want to start trading in real life, not online? pay attention to pavilions commercial - you will find everything you need to know about them in the article below. 

What solution is effective, ergonomic and economical? Supermarket.

Every good business starts with an idea – if you already have one, great. It remains to develop a business start-up plan. When it comes to trading, two elements are necessary: ​​the right product and reaching the customer with it. The product is usually the basis of the idea for your own company, it remains to reach the customer, and here the "wow effect" counts.


Pavilion visualization | Ultramodule


Shopping pavilions are spectacular

Modern containers shopping carts are not "tins" falling apart with age, which not only did not encourage, but even encouraged customers to visit a given store. Regardless of whether you choose a simple classic containeror more professional containerized supermarket, each one looks aesthetically pleasing and gives a lot of personalization possibilities in order to stand out on the market, including the choice of the color of the entire structure from the RAL palette.

The façade made of durable sheet metal painted with polyurethane paint in an interesting color, combined with large glazing, will create an object that catches the eye. In the catering or fashion industry, display windows play a special role, because the appearance of the interior often determines whether the customer decides to go inside. Therefore, it is worth betting on a large area of ​​​​windows to be able to display your goods in the most effective way.

choosing store container, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of door and window joinery. This has a huge impact on maintenance costs. If the windows and doors are not properly sealed, heating in the winter can cost a lot, and in the summer the store will not be able to provide a comfortable temperature. Good quality pavilions are equipped with modern PVC windows and doors.

The shop container is ergonomic and functional

Simple, modular building container pavilions offers a wide range of configurations of the facility according to the needs. Reputable manufacturers will not only advise you on which options to choose, but they can also make structural changes, for example, change the arrangement and number of windows, add partition walls, add additional facilities social with a toilet and even a shower. The potential for redevelopment of such facilities is really large, so it is worth choosing a container for a store - each industry has different requirements. A clothing store cannot do without a fitting room, and a newsagent's lounge combined with a cafe must necessarily have guest toilets.

Professional manufacturers also provide high-quality electrical installation. This is important because power requirements vary greatly depending on the product range. For example, in a grocery store, the demand for electricity is much higher than in a jewelry boutique. In the former, a high-capacity installation will be required to maintain e.g. refrigerators, and in the latter, good lighting and 230V sockets are enough.

Pavilion as a beauty salon - Ultramodula

Visualization Pavilion | Ultramodule


Why is it worth choosing a shopping pavilion for a shop? Because it's economical.

The costs of starting a commercial activity consist of many areas, and one of them is the purchase or rental of premises. And certainly this item in the budget is very high. It is worth looking for an economical alternative to traditional construction or renting space in a shopping mall. Both of these options are expensive: at the start and in later maintenance. The shopping pavilion is undoubtedly cheaper than them in both these spheres.

First, the purchase price. A small pavilion from a proven manufacturer can be purchased for about PLN 20. This is really a small sum for a fully functional store. One of the key advantages should also be kept in mind containers: expandability. With the development of business, you can add more to a small facility and enlarge the retail space step by step. Importantly, the store in container can be expanded not only in width, but also upwards. Commercial pavilions high quality can be easily stacked, gaining more space on the same plot area.

The second component is the cost of maintaining the premises. Here, too, the store container performs better than competitive solutions. All lighting is based on energy-saving LEDs, and heating is provided by electric heaters with optimally selected power. This ensures low fixed costs.

Mobile shop container

If you are still wondering whether it is worth choosing a shopping pavilion for a store, pay attention to its mobility. This is an invaluable advantage. The speed and ease of assembly provided by the solutions container allows you to easily move them from place to place whenever the need arises. This is most important for seasonal businesses, such as souvenir shops in tourist destinations. During the holiday season, the pavilions can be used to sell shells and fridge magnets, while in winter, you can organize a shop with Christmas decorations there. Importantly, when the pavilion is not used, it does not generate any costs.

Such mobility is the result of a simple erection process pavilion. After choosing the option suitable for your business, all you need to do is build the foundation from ready-made foundation blocks. It will not take more than one day, and in the meantime, appropriate electrical and water installations should be installed. The finished container is placed in the designated place using a crane or HDS, and it takes only several minutes.

In what industry will a container for a shop work?

It would probably be easier to point out where it won't work. Modern shopping pavilions are a solution that fits virtually every industry. Thanks to large, glazed windows, they are popular among clothing and footwear stores, because their construction is perfect for an interesting display of mannequins. They are also often used in the food and catering industry: smaller facilities as small grocery stores, and in villages as multi-branch pavilions. Larger containers are arranged for cafes or fast food outlets. Interestingly, such facilities are popular in the service industry, especially as hairdressing or manicure salons.

Commercial pavilions have only advantages

Commercial pavilions

Commercial pavilions have practically only advantages, regardless of the industry, type of goods, type of customer, they work great. So why should you choose a container for a shop?

  • low costs: purchase and erection, as well as subsequent maintenance
  • various possibilities of interior configuration
  • modular construction giving the possibility of expanding the store along with the development of the business
  • quick transfer to another place

It's worth considering a purchase container, looking for the best place for the store. Bought from a reputable, proven manufacturer, it will serve for many years, and the costs will be significantly lower than any other form of selling "in real life".

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