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Container production

May 27, 2022 | Blog

Container production

Ultramodulae has in its portfolio not only standard single projects containers, but also many custom objects container, such as staff quartersback office of the buildingw, back of the restaurant, service pointspavilions commercial, and even modular houses on request.

Production office containers, construction, residential, sanitary, social, storage, gatehouses, gatehouses, medical, cloakroom, is carried out at the company's headquarters in Zamość with the use of specialized metalworking machines and high-quality components.

Ultramodulaa containers can be made from back office and social facilities, offices for employeescontainer hotels, cottages on the plot or holiday cottages.

Cooperation of traders with the production plant containers as well as equipment suppliers and container assemblers, guarantees the maintenance of high quality standards at every stage of production container or a larger set of containers

The implementation of container projects is a process that begins with designing and agreeing all details and design assumptions with the client, so that project it reflected the previously defined goal, guidelines and gave satisfaction to the container users.

Combined modular containers

Projects office container and modular houses are prepared by experienced employees in close cooperation with the production plant, so as to maintain the necessary standards in their subsequent use. We have great satisfaction in having specialist knowledge and are happy to share it with our clients.

This is valuable practical knowledge, necessary at all stages of design, production and assembly containers. The design of the container is always preceded by an interview with the client and examining its needs, on the basis of which the guidelines for the project are created.

The quality of the container is also of great importance in its subsequent logistics, when the containers are transported from place to place and assembled and disassembled many times.

Most of the elements of the container, excluding the equipment, are created during the production process in the production plant. We require that on production stage ethical and environmental requirements are met.

Combined modular containers
Combined modular containers

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