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Office spaces composed of containers

Apr 14, 2022 | Blog

Office spaces composed of containers

Containers company Ultramodulae can be used not only individually, but also in sets. Standard containers with the possibility of joining them into larger structures are called modular containers. They can be joined into a long string or stacked on top of each other. The possibility of expanding the facilities depends on the customer's idea and needs. In addition, the structure of the facility can be enlarged at any time, if it turns out to be insufficient. This type of solution allows us to flexibly adapt to the situation and what it requires

Combined modular containers

Modular containers - advantages

Easy to maintain, convenient to transport and durable. These features make it modular containers are an ideal option that will work in most cases. We can combine the required quantity at any time containers to meet customer needs. This type of solution gives us great opportunities. Containers modular can be combined according to individual expectations so as to obtain a larger usable area, which can be arranged in any way. Such sets can be used as modular residential and commercial containers, conference rooms, office rooms, warehouse etc. Depending on your needs pavilions they can be made modular at the same time sanitary containers, with a social area or kitchen facilities. Both the layout of the rooms and the configuration of the equipment are determined individually according to your needs.

Coupled modular containers manufacturer
Office spaces - equipment

Office spaces - equipment

  • Walls with stone wool insulation covered inside with a white laminated board
  • Roof with a 1% slope, covered with trapezoidal sheet, insulated with mineral wool
  • The floor is insulated with rock wool granules, covered with PVC lining
  • PVC window joinery and steel doors
  • Full electrical installation: lighting, sockets and switches. connection, switchboard
  • The bathroom is equipped with a toilet, a washbasin and the necessary plumbing.
  • Additional equipment:
    An electric heater
    Air conditioning
    Partition walls + interior doors
    External doors: change of dimensions and quantity
    Windows: changing dimensions and quantity
    Anti-burglary blinds
Ultramodulaa, triple container inside
The interior of the triple modular container
Container floor
Toilet in an office container

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