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Ultramodula living spaces

May 13, 2022 | Blog

Ultramodula living spaces

If you are looking for residential facilities that are characterized by mobility, and at the same time the possibility of creating larger or smaller teams - the company Ultramodule has the perfect solution for you. Offered by us container houses are available in six variants, so you can adapt them to your current needs. Habitable containers equipped with windows, doors, sanitary facilities, heating and lighting systems and ventilation. When you receive the finished product, you have an apartment from 14m2 to 58m2 at your disposal!

Modular house

Containers Residential buildings are used not only as a temporary place of residence but also as year-round apartments. Combined into larger sets, they give the possibility of comfortable use of the facility throughout the year. They work well both as residential buildings on private plots, work premises or accommodation facilities for tourists.

It is worth emphasizing that one of our greatest advantages containers is their mobility. Cottages container can be repeatedly and easily transported and repositioned.

How many people are Ultramodula modular homes intended for?

Single container residential is a fully sufficient space for one or two people. Ultramodula of the product also eats houses in which the spatial layout allows free use of the facility for 5-6 people.

For example, a house MAXI V1 is a full-fledged one sun with a living room with a kitchenette, a bathroom and two comfortable bedrooms.

Modular house

A great advantage is the fact that Ultramodula containers are made of sheet metal on the outside, have adequate insulation, and are finished with boards on the inside. The floor can be lined with a very durable carpet or OSB board to be finished according to the customer's own style.

Modular house
Modular house

Contact our specialist and order a house containerized tailored to your needs!

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