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Container shop. Bet on shopping pavilions.

Dec 28, 2022 | Blog

Container shop. Bet on shopping pavilions.

Cafe with containers

What is most important when running a shop? Client. Attracting his attention is the key task of any commercial activity. And can it be done better than by building an original, modern building that will not let anyone pass by indifferently, and will additionally enable convenient and functional display of goods, regardless of their type? All this can be achieved by choosing a store in container.

An economical and ergonomic solution

Anyone who wants to start a commercial activity must invest in two basic things: the goods and the premises where the sale will be conducted. While the first part does not seem difficult, if you are an expert in the industry in which you want to run a business, the housing issues are more complex. Is it better to bet on a shop to own? Or maybe it will be more appropriate to rent commercial space? What size will be sufficient - how big must the back room be, and how much space is needed to display the goods? There are many questions, and no answer is simple, because it is necessary to choose an economical and ergonomic solution. And here they come to help containers shop.


A store in a container is an economic place

Firstly, because the cost of erecting such a facility is much cheaper than any other building. Prices small pavilions from a reputable manufacturer, they start from about PLN 20. This is really a small sum for a fully functional store. And the great advantage of containers is the possibility of their expansion. With the development of the business, you can add more "blocks" and gradually enlarge the store area. Interestingly, the store in the container can be expanded not only in width, but also upwards. pavilions because high-quality commercial items can be stacked.

Of course, you can think about renting premises, but the prices of space in shopping malls or smaller centers are high. And, which must be remembered, they are a fixed, monthly cost - independent of the turnover in a given period. It is worth remembering that container You can also rent a shop for much less money.


Functionality is the most important

A store in a container is simple to build, but it gives many arrangement possibilities. By choosing a product from an experienced manufacturer, you can not only choose the optimal size pavilion, but also to adjust the arrangement of windows, doors and additional partition walls useful, for example, to separate a warehouse for storing supplies. Importantly, there is also an option to equip facilities sanitary with a toilet and even a shower.

Standard in high quality containers there is an electrical installation. It is worth noting that it should be based on cost-saving solutions such as LED lighting. This is of great importance for the subsequent maintenance costs of the store. Professional contractors will adapt the entire installation to the needs of a specific project - it is known that a grocery store has different requirements related to power consumption than, for example, kiosk with the press. In the first one, it will be necessary to install an installation with the capacity to maintain, among others, refrigerators, and in the latter, all you need is lighting and 230V sockets.


The shopping pavilion is impressive

Modern commercial pavilions for a long time they are no longer repulsive "tins" without windows with creaking doors. These are elegant, modern facilities that fit both a small grocery store and a fashionable clothing boutique or a cafe with a newsstand. The facade is made of durable sheet metal painted with polyurethane paint, the color of which can be chosen freely from the RAL palette, combined with large glazing, they create an eye-catching structure. Display windows are a particularly important element in the case of shops from the fashion and gastronomy industries - it is the exhibition and the appearance of the interior that often determine whether the customer decides to go inside.


Pavilion commercial visualization | Ultramodulae

choosing store container, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of door and window joinery. If it is not properly sealed, heating costs in winter will be high or the store will not be able to provide a comfortable temperature. Good quality pavilions are equipped with modern PVC windows and doors.


Who is a good container shop for?

For everyone. In fact, shopping pavilions are suitable for many types of commercial activities. They are very popular in the food and catering industry. Smaller facilities are often used as small grocery stores or multi-branch stores popular in villages. Larger containers are arranged for cafes or fast food outlets.

The smallest containers are still found as so-called. traffic kiosks, where, in addition to the press, you can buy various stationery, small sweets or toys. Shopping pavilions with a glass display window are dedicated to clothing and footwear stores, because they are theirs building it is perfect for an interesting display of mannequins. Interestingly, such facilities are also popular in the service industry, especially as hairdressing or manicure salons.


Shopping containers and their mobility

One of the key advantages of shop containers is their mobility. It results from their construction and form of assembly. Setting up a shopping pavilion is a very simple process. After adjusting the project to your needs, all you need to do is build a foundation from ready-made foundation blocks. Such an operation will not take more than one day, and in the meantime it is worth installing the appropriate electrical and water installations. The finished container is placed in the designated place using a crane or HDS, and it takes only several minutes. Such speed and ease of assembly makes it possible to move the pavilion from place to place when the need arises. This is especially important for seasonal businesses such as souvenir shops in tourist destinations. In the summer, you can arrange the sale of shells and fridge magnets in the container, and organize a shop with Christmas decorations in the winter. Importantly, when the pavilion is not used, it does not generate any costs.


Bet on shopping pavilions

A store in a container has only advantages: it is economical, ergonomic and effective. Its purchase costs and construction are low, as is his maintenance. It is also possible to rent such a facility, which is really cheap. The construction of the containers allows them to be adapted to the requirements of a given store - you can add walls, insert more windows or supplement the pavilion with sanitary facilities.

Commercial pavilions

Modern pavilions look spectacular. They are aesthetically made, can be painted in the selected color, and thanks to the glass display case, you can beautifully display the goods offered in the store.

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