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Ultramodulaa delivers medical containers to Ukraine!

sea ​​6, 2022 | Blog

The war in Ukraine has been going on continuously since 2014. As part of the humanitarian action, Ultramodulaa together with the Hagia Marina Foundation support fighting medics and soldiers by producing and delivering medical containers to Ukraine.

Ultramodulaa delivers containers to Ukraine!

Container delivery

The first containers, fully loaded with medical supplies, were delivered in early March 2022. Our containers will be used as mobile medical points and food warehouses

We took care of timely and safe transport of containers to the most needy regions of Ukraine.

Ultramodulaa delivers containers to Ukraine!
Container loading

Use of containers

Ultramodulaa containers can be used for many other purposes, first of all, they can protect the living conditions of soldiers, providing them with comfortable living and social rooms. The containers can act as both rooms for soldiers and command quarters. Our containers are able to protect water storage tanks, power generators or food.

We equip all types of facilities with the necessary electrical installation.

Ultramodulaa container
Ultramodulaa container

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