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Renting or buying a container?

Sanitary containers

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Renting or buying a container? | Ultramodule

Sanitary containers – Ultramodule

Buy or rent? Such a question is usually asked in the context of the first flat or office for a company. However, it is equally valid in the case of containers: transport, service or social and sanitary. The answer, however, is not simple and unambiguous, as is often the case: it depends. First, for how long container it will be used, besides, on the type of company's activity and its budget, but most importantly on the functional purpose.


Types of containers and rental

Since the introduction of containers as we know them today, i.e. since the mid-twentieth century, their original purpose has changed significantly. As you know, they stopped playing only a transport role a long time ago - now they can be offices, shops, social facilities at the construction site, and even a hairdresser or hospital. The decision to buy or rent is strongly related to the planned use container.


Shipping containers

Transport remains the most popular form of container use. The decision to buy a solution for the transport of goods is mainly due to simple mathematics. If the company often needs sea or rail transport, it is worth buying your own containers. The expense is incurred once, and the depreciation of each copy is settled in monthly costs. Assuming that the container will be properly operated and well-maintained, it can be resold without any loss, even after several years of use. An important issue in the purchasing approach is the optimal planning of transports. If a company already owns containers, it must ensure that they are used as often as possible. When they are empty, the purchase is no longer profitable.

In a situation where the company commissions container transports occasionally, the rental option is more advantageous. You do not need to have a place to "park" the container when it is not on the road or to worry about its security. There are many companies on the market that offer sea container rental services, both 20 and 40 feet.


Construction containers

In the case of containers used on construction sites, the matter seems to be less complicated. For large real estate developers or road builders, the purchase of containers is a matter of course. It is worth remembering that one of the key advantages of containers is their mobility and ease of adaptation. What does this mean in practice? That a given copy does not always have to have the same purpose. During one investment, it can be used as a back-up facility social for employees, and during the next as office or storage for small construction equipment. In addition, containers can (and should) be moved from one construction site to another. Their transport is inexpensive, fast, and assembly at the destination takes only several minutes.

Renting a construction container is an ideal solution for private investors. When planning the construction of your dream house, it is good to first put a container on the plot, which will play the role of a temporary place when we plan and supervise the works.


An office in a container

Container offices are becoming more and more popular. Their advantage is primarily the price, but also modularity, mobility and modernity, which is especially important for startups or marketing agencies. However, the question remains the same: renting or buying a container for an office? The first option is supported by lower start-up costs, you can start your business with practically no fees for office space, and in the following months the rent will still be significantly lower than in the case of a traditional office. Renting is also a good idea when the company is not convinced about the idea of ​​working in a container. A test lasting several months will allow us to verify this idea before purchasing the property.

Buying your own container also has its advantages over renting. These include full adaptation to the needs of a given organization, no monthly fixed fees or the possibility of easy relocation of the office.


The purchase of the container and the planned time of use

The decision on whether to buy or rent a container is primarily conditioned by the expected time of its use. If the company's operations use containers, for any purpose, in everyday work, then the most optimal option will be the purchase of objects for ownership. In versions best suited to expectations, in the quality and quantity necessary for the proper functioning of the company. However, when the container is needed for a clearly defined, short period, for example for the renovation of a permanent office or for an additional one warehouse goods during the period of increased pre-Christmas trade, the investment in the purchase is unnecessary. Container rental is a popular service and you can easily find professional companies that will help you choose the best solution.


Which companies should buy and which should rent a container?

The type of business you run can also determine whether it is better to rent or buy a container. First of all, manufacturing companies that transport goods to customers by sea or rail should decide to buy the property. Trading companies can also consider investing in containers - a warehouse built in this way will certainly be cheaper to buy and later use than a traditional building. The purchase is a must for developers and construction companies carrying out large investments. Currently, it is hard to imagine the efficient organization of a construction site without containers as offices, equipment storage or social facilities.

The rental option is aimed at smaller companies, for example service companies, which are just starting their business and do not want to invest larger amounts right away. The form of container rental is also a good solution for industries with high seasonality of sales. If it is known that the warehouse would be empty for half a year, there is no point in incurring the costs of its maintenance.


So: renting or buying a container?

It's hard to give a clear answer. Regardless of the form that will be best for a given company, it is crucial to choose a good quality container from a reputable manufacturer. Preferably from one that will additionally advise and help to match the optimal solution for a specific company and area of ​​activity.

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