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What are office containers made of?

sea ​​1, 2022 | Blog

Office container has the advantage that it can be transported to any destination many times. We say that the containers are mobile because the base is the construction of a self-supporting container frame. Such a frame provides a solid and rigid structure and also allows the container to be lifted with a crane. The walls, floor and ceiling are fixed to the frame made of 3mm thick cold-bent steel sections. The most common container size is 6 x 2,45 m for logistical reasons, while Ultramodulaa also offers containers with dimensions of 2,45 x 3m - a MINI container (so-called gatehouse) and 3x6m - a MAXI container. The frame is fully protected against corrosion.
Manufacture of office containers

Office container insulation

The walls and ceiling of the container are insulated with 10 cm mineral wool (heat transfer coefficient 0,37 W / m2 K), while the floor of the office container is insulated with a 12 cm thick layer of rock wool granules. Such insulation gives us maximum comfort of use, regardless of weather conditions and the season of the year.


Office container insulation

The interior of the container

Due to the adaptation of containers for transport and lifting by cranes, flexible materials such as PVC lining work best on the floor. The walls and ceiling of the container are finished with PVC panels. The electrical installation is usually distributed over the surface. The basic equipment is windows, doors, lighting and sockets. Additionally, Ultramodulaa will equip the office container with heaters, air conditioners, and the necessary sanitary facilities.


Container interior ready

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