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Container hotels

Container hotels

Production and assembly

Company Ultramodulae it's experienced producer objects containerincluding hotels. We specialize in the design, production and construction of hotels using containers as the basic building material. Our buildings are constructed of durable, weather-resistant steel containers.

Container hotels are an innovative form

Hotels container is a unique and innovative type of accommodation that it uses containers as comfortable hotel rooms. Used for them construction residential containers they are equipped with all the necessary amenities to create a comfortable and functional space for guests staying in them. The tourism industry is highly competitive, so offering unconventional offers is the basis for success. A hotel made of containers is an interesting alternative to traditional accommodation options.

Another distinguishing feature of container hotels is their eco-friendliness: simple construction does not require too many materials. By using new containers, these hotels are able to reduce their carbon footprint and minimize waste compared to traditional construction methods.

Container hotelsthat we produce are durable and reliable solutions for the tourism industry. They will be used wherever quality, implementation time and low costs are important. They are perfect for building a hostel-type facility, but also a unique, modern and at the same time luxurious boutique facility for more demanding tourists. Key advantages of our container hotels:

  • durable construction
  • the highest quality materials
  • the ability to adjust the project to individual expectations
  • optimal price

Contact us and we will create the best hotels for your guests.


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Strength - the structure of the container has high stiffness due to its special structure

use of containers

Durability - the materials and anti-corrosion coatings used guarantee durability for many years

office container prices

Price - a steel frame in combination with a trapezoidal sheet are economical to build

non-hazardous material containers

Safety - each container is made on the basis of our design and calculations, and has electrical measurements

buy high quality containers - manufacturer ultramodula Zamość

Quality - quality control at every stage of the process and professional building materials allow us to achieve high quality


Durable construction

Container hotels offered by our company are manufactured using modern technologies and proven materials. Designed by qualified engineering staff, the facilities are characterized not only by adequate strength, but also offer a wide range of adaptation to individual projects. As a result, buildings with an elegant and industrial aesthetic are created, which distinguishes them from more traditional accommodation facilities.

The basis for the construction of our containers are walls made entirely of metal sections in combination with trapezoidal sheet. This solution makes it possible to obtain significantly greater stiffness of the final structure than just the use of a sandwich panel. The costs are kept at an optimal level.

Solid insulation

To hotel containerized could be a year-round tourist facility, the key aspect is its optimal insulation. Based on our experience, we use mineral wool of the appropriate thickness in combination with a vapor barrier foil. This is the best solution for providing not only thermal insulation, but also acoustic insulation. It is worth remembering that proper acoustics, in particular sound-absorbing partitions between rooms, is one of the fundamental factors guaranteeing the comfort of hotel guests.

We also care about solid roof insulation - this is important for later heating building during the winter. The construction we offer guarantees that the heat will not escape in the winter, and the guests will be provided with adequate thermal comfort.

We equip our container hotels with window and door joinery from well-known manufacturers, with high thermal parameters. This has a significant impact on the comfort of using hotel interiors. Tight windows and doors, combined with proper insulation, guarantee warmth in winter and prevent excessive heat in summer.

Container hotel equipment

Our company focuses on solutions tailored to the needs of customers. The container hotels that we produce are always created together with the investor, adjusting not only the general appearance of the facility and its volume, but also the equipment and configuration of individual rooms to individual needs. Our experts design all installations, both electrical, plumbing and heating, to create comfortable and habitable interiors.

The containers we offer can be simple hotel rooms equipped with a sleeping space and a small bathroom with a shower. We can also offer apartment buildings with extensive sanitary facilities, a division into a day and night area, as well as a kitchenette. Our offer also includes gastronomic containers, which are a necessary complement to fully functional tourist facilities. Such flexibility allows you to create a hotel tailored to the business model of each investor, as well as to various budget possibilities.