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W Ultramodulae we offer modern solutions for storing documents and files in the form of containers archival. Our containers ensure mobility, security and excellent space organization, which makes them an ideal choice for creating archives. Thanks to its solid construction and the ability to adjust the interior, archive containers Ultramodulaa guarantee protection against external factors and easy access to stored resources. We offer comprehensive service from design to installation, meeting the individual needs of our clients.

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Strength - the structure of the container has high stiffness due to its special structure

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Durability - the materials and anti-corrosion coatings used guarantee durability for many years

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Price - a steel frame in combination with a trapezoidal sheet are economical to build

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Safety - each container is made on the basis of our design and calculations, and has electrical measurements

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Quality - quality control at every stage of the process and professional building materials allow us to achieve high quality

Archive containers for storing documents

Containers can be used effectively as archives, offering mobile, safe and organized spaces for storing documents, files and other materials. Thanks to their design and adaptability, archival containers can be adapted to the various needs of users, ensuring protection and easy access to stored resources.

Container production as an archive:

  1. Choosing the right materials:
    • Construction container It is made of high-quality steel, which ensures its strength and durability.
    • The interior of the container is insulated to protect stored materials from extreme temperatures and humidity.
  2. Interior design:
    • The interior of the container is designed for maximum storage efficiency. Special racks, shelves and cabinets adapted to the sizes of standard documents are installed.
    • It is possible to use air conditioning and ventilation systems to ensure appropriate storage conditions.
  3. Installation of security systems:
    • Archival containers are equipped with security systems, such as anti-burglary locks, alarm systems and monitoring.
    • Possibility to add fire protection systems such as smoke detectors and automatic fire extinguishers.

Assembling a container as an archive:

  1. Transport and site preparation:
    • Containers are easy to transport and can be delivered to the destination in a short time.
    • Preparing the site includes providing a stable and safe surface on which it will be placed container.
  2. On-site installation:
    • Containers are assembled in a designated location, which may include the installation of foundations or other structural elements to ensure stability.
    • Connection to necessary installations such as electricity, air conditioning and security systems.

Features of the container as an archive:

  1. Storage security:
    • The solid construction of high-quality steel provides protection against mechanical damage and burglary attempts.
    • Security systems, such as anti-burglary locks, monitoring and alarms, guarantee the safety of stored materials.
  2. Protection against weather conditions:
    • The containers are thermally insulated and protected against moisture, which prevents documents from being damaged by changes in temperature and humidity.
    • The possibility of installing air conditioning and ventilation systems ensures constant, controlled internal conditions.
  3. Effective space organization:
    • The interior of the container is designed for maximum storage efficiency, with appropriately placed shelves and racks.
    • Adapting the interior to the specific needs of the user allows for optimal use of space.
  4. Easy access and mobility:
    • Archival containers can be easily transported and moved as needed, providing flexibility of use.
    • Thanks to the modular structure, it is possible to easily expand the archival space by adding more containers.
  5. Quick assembly and disassembly:
    • The assembly process of the archival container is quick and simple, which allows for immediate use of the space.
    • Dismantling the container is equally simple, allowing you to easily move the archive to another location if necessary.

Containers used as archives, they offer reliable, safe and effective solutions for storing documents and materials, ensuring flexibility and ease of adaptation to the changing needs of users.