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Railway containers as modern buildings from Ultramodulaa

Railway containers as modern buildings 

Production and assembly

Containers railway od Ultramodulae are modern, functional and durable solutions for construction modular. Thanks to their solid construction and adaptability, they can be transformed into a variety of objects such as offices, apartments or service points. They are distinguished by quick assembly, the ability to adapt to individual needs and an ecological approach to construction. By choosing railway containers Ultramodulaa, you can be sure of high quality and innovation in creating modern spaces.

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Strength - the structure of the container has high stiffness due to its special structure

use of containers

Durability - the materials and anti-corrosion coatings used guarantee durability for many years

office container prices

Price - a steel frame in combination with a trapezoidal sheet are economical to build

non-hazardous material containers

Safety - each container is made on the basis of our design and calculations, and has electrical measurements

buy high quality containers - manufacturer ultramodula Zamość

Quality - quality control at every stage of the process and professional building materials allow us to achieve high quality


Railway containers as buildings on the PKP railway

Railway containers are specialized transport modules that, thanks to their durability and universality, have found new applications in construction. They are increasingly used by PKP as temporary offices, apartments for employees, warehouses, workshops and service facilities.

Features of rail containers:

  • Adaptation to individual needs: They can be used as offices, apartments, warehouses, workshops and service points.
  • High quality materials: Made of durable steel, resistant to weather and mechanical conditions.
  • Wide configuration options: Easily modified, they can be combined into larger structures and equipped with installations.
  • Quick montage: Easy to transport and quick to assemble on site.

Application of railway containers:

  • Temporary offices and administrative premises on the squares construction
  • Mobile apartments for seasonal workers or construction crews
  • Warehouses and warehouses for materials construction and equipment
  • Service areas such as shops, cafes and information points
  • Repair workshops i studios crafts
  • Medical facilities such as field clinics and first aid stations

Railway containers from Ultramodulaa are solid, flexible and quick-to-install solutions, ideal for PKP, requiring the quick creation of functional spaces in various terrain and climatic conditions.

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