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Regulations of the online store

Regulations of the online store

Online store operating at operates in the field of sales containers modules and related accessories.

§ 1.

The owner of the store is:
Ultramoto Sp. z o. o
Tax ID: PL9462661597
Code: 364959568
Based at:

st. Kilińskiego 86,
22-400 Zamosc,
The following Regulations define the rules for using the website at the address , the terms of sale of the goods offered by the Seller and the scope of the related liability. The User is obliged to read the Regulations before placing an order. Using the Website is tantamount to accepting the Regulations and takes place only to the extent and on the terms set out therein.

§ 2.

Contact with the Store is possible via the e-mail address: or the contact form on the Store's website in the Contact tab.

§ 3.

All products offered in the Store are free from physical and legal defects and have been legally placed on the Polish market. All of them also have a manufacturer's warranty.

§ 4.

The subject of the services is the purchase and sale contract. SALES AGREEMENT

§ 5.

Commercial information posted on the Store's website does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code, but is an invitation to submit offers and inquiries.

§ 6.

All product prices on websites are given as net prices, excluding VAT.
Before purchasing a product, please contact customer service to calculate the price of the entire object (product).
Binding for the parties to the transaction is the Gross price with VAT, which appears next to the product at the time of receipt of the offer for inquiry.

§ 7.

The technical condition required to use the services is the Customer's access to a computer, a web browser and access to the Internet.

§ 8.

VAT invoices are issued by the manufacturer for all goods sold in the Store.

§ 9.

The condition for concluding the contract is sending by the Bidder an offer to buy the goods using the form on the Store's website, e-mail or telephone and its acceptance by the online store.

§ 10.

The customer is obliged to pay the price of the ordered goods in the form of a prepayment to the bank account indicated by the store.

§ 11.

The product price does not include delivery costs. Delivery costs and order fulfillment date are set individually. In the event that the order fulfillment time would exceed the agreed deadlines, the Store will contact the buyer to confirm the order and agree on a proposed date.

§ 12.

The costs of transporting the purchased goods, issuing and collecting them are borne by the Customer.

§ 13.

It is possible to pick up the purchased goods directly by the customer with his own transport from the manufacturer after prior arrangement with the store.

§ 14.

The store reserves that it may not accept the purchase offer without giving reasons.

§ 15.

The store is not responsible for unjustified refusal to accept the goods.

§ 16.

The customer may return the purchased goods within 14 days from the date of receipt. Goods made to individual customer's order are not subject to returns.

§ 17.

The costs of returning the goods are borne by the customer and are not refundable.

§ 18.

The return of the goods shall be made by the Customer to the address of the producer of the goods after agreeing it with the Store.

§ 19.

Complaints are accepted at the following e-mail address:

§ 20.

In the case of receiving a defective product or not complying with the order specification. Manufacturer goods, after agreeing it with the customer, may remove the defects of the ordered goods constituting the basis for the complaint.

§ 21.

Complaints will be considered within 14 days from the date of receipt by the manufacturer of the shipment with the goods complained about.

§ 22.

The costs associated with returning the advertised goods are borne by the customer. They are returned by the producer of the goods after positive consideration of the complaint.

§ 23.

In the event of an unjustified complaint or damage to the goods due to the fault of the Customer, all the costs of the complaint are covered by the Customer, including transport costs.

§ 24.

The store does not accept any parcels sent COD.

§ 25.

The photos on the Store's website describing the goods are for demonstration purposes. By placing an order using the mechanisms available on the Store's websites, the Customer submits an offer to buy a specific product under the conditions specified in the product description. The customer always orders new products directly from the manufacturer, which are made especially for the customer at his request.

§ 26.

The store reserves the right to change the prices of goods on offer, to introduce new goods to the online store's offer, to carry out and cancel promotional campaigns on the Store's websites or to introduce changes to them.

§ 27.

As part of its business, the store is entitled to process personal data of customers in accordance with applicable law, including Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and the repeal of Directive 95/46 / EC (GDPR) and in accordance with the "Privacy Policy"

§ 28.

Making purchases in the Store requires the Customer to provide contact information, including: telephone number or e-mail address (e-mail address). The collected personal data is used only for the purposes of the implementation of orders, production and delivery of goods, accounting reporting and information about promotions and new products in the Store's offer.

§ 29.

The store may provide contact details to the manufacturer of the ordered goods only for the purpose that the manufacturer directly agrees with the customer the technical conditions of the ordered goods and other elements related to its production, as well as transport and handling of any complaints.

§ 30.

Customers' personal data is sent and stored with appropriate security measures that meet the requirements set out by law.

§ 31.

Customers whose personal data the Store processes, have the rights under the Personal Data Protection Act, including the right to access their own data for the purpose of verification, modification or deletion.

§ 32.

The Regulations define the rules of shopping in the Store. By placing an order, you agree to all the provisions and information contained in the regulations.

§ 33.

In matters not covered by these regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code and other acts shall apply.

Dictionary of concepts

Seller - a company under the name of "Ultramoto" limited liability company (sp. z oo), with its registered office in Zamość (22-400 Zamość), at ul. Kilińskiego 86, entered into the register of entrepreneurs kept by the District Court in Lublin-East in Lublin with its seat in Świdnik, VI Commercial Division of the National Court Register, KRS number: 0000628577

Buyer - a natural or legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality that concluded a Sales Agreement with the Seller;

Selling item -container and additional equipment container or services if they result from the Sales Agreement;

Sales agreement - an agreement within the meaning of the applicable provisions of the Civil Code - Civil Code (Art. 535 et seq. of the Civil Code) concluded between the Seller and the Buyer;

Parties - joint designation in the GTCS and the Sales Agreement of the Seller and the Buyer.



The Seller provides a guarantee for the Container for a period of 12 months from the date of signing the final acceptance protocol. During the warranty period, any defects resulting from faulty workmanship or the use of defective materials will be removed by the Manufacturer at its expense. All warranty rights will be preserved.

The warranty does not cover faults, defects and damage resulting from improper use, alterations or design changes. The customer loses the warranty rights if he does not notify the Manufacturer of the disclosed defect within 7 days from the date of its detection, confirmed by registered mail. The warranty also does not cover consumables such as lighting, filter cartridges, etc.

The manufacturer will begin to remove any reported defects and faults during the warranty period within 7 working days from the date of their notification by the Customer.

The Manufacturer undertakes to remove the reported defects and faults within 21 days from the date of the Manufacturer commencing their removal.

The customer loses the right to the warranty in the event of non-compliance with the rules and recommendations contained in the Container Operation and Maintenance Manual

Ultramoto Sp. z o. o. is not a Container Equipment Manufacturer. The container equipment is guaranteed in accordance with the Manufacturer's card attached to the container equipment.


Warranty for defects in the Object of Sale

The warranty for physical defects of the Object of Sale is excluded, unless otherwise stated in the Sales Agreement. The Buyer waives any claims against the Seller under the warranty for physical defects and for all claims under the general principles of the Civil Code, and waives the right to compensation, withdrawal from the contract, price reduction, replacement and removal of the defect of the Object of Sale and additional services arising on the basis of this contracts.

The Seller shall not be liable in any way resulting from the foundation, transport or connection of any devices, systems or utilities. The Buyer is obliged to obtain all the required approvals and permits and to check the possibility of foundation and connection of the Object of Sale, and such services are performed at the Buyer's cost and risk.

In the event of exclusion or limitation of the provisions of para. 5.1. OWUS:

The Seller is released from liability under the warranty if the Buyer knew about the defect of the Object of Sale on the day of concluding the Sale Agreement;

The Seller is not responsible for the warranty that arose after the risk passed on to the Buyer;

In the event of discovering a physical defect which determines the Seller's warranty, the Buyer is obliged to immediately notify the Seller in writing about the defect, however not later than within 3 days from its detection, and the Seller is obliged to delegate the person within 30 days from the date of delivery of the notice. authorized to determine the existence of the defect and the reasons for its occurrence, which will make an appropriate note on this occasion. If the Seller confirms the existence of a defect in the Object of Sale, the Buyer is entitled to request the Seller to remove the defect found, and the Seller is obliged to start work related to the removal of the defect immediately, but not later than within 30 days from the date the Seller confirms the existence of the defect. and complete the repair of the Object of Sale within a reasonable period of repair;

The repair of the defective Object of Sale takes place at the Seller's discretion;

If the Subject of Sale is various things and only some of the physical defects are burdened with a physical defect, any right of the Purchaser resulting from the right to warranty, including withdrawal from the Sales Agreement, is limited only to the Object of Sale.


Damage to third parties caused by the use of Object of Sale

The Seller's liability to third parties for improper and / or unlawful use, including improper use by the Buyer of the Object of Sale is excluded. The Buyer hereby indemnifies the Seller from liability to third parties for improper and / or illegal use, including improper use of the Object of Sale. In the event that a third party / ies make claims against the Seller for improper and / or unlawful use, including improper use of the Object of Sale, the Seller shall immediately notify the Buyer of this fact, and the Buyer undertakes without undue delay satisfy the justified claims of the third party / -s, at their own expense and risk, as well as reimburse the Seller for the necessary and reasonable costs incurred in connection with the above-mentioned claims, and, at the Seller's request, at his own expense, make a statement with the content and form specified by The Seller, aimed at repairing the Seller's good name, which may have been damaged as a result of such claims. In the event that the release from liability is impossible under the mandatory provisions of law, the Buyer undertakes to reimburse the Seller for all amounts that the Seller will be obliged to spend in connection with the claims of third parties. In addition, the Buyer undertakes to reimburse the Seller for the costs of legal, tax and other assistance necessary in a given case, and at its own expense, to make statements with the content and form specified by the Seller, aimed at repairing the Seller's good name, which may have been damaged as a result of claims third parties. In this case, the Buyer also undertakes to provide the Seller with all explanations and assistance in explaining the legitimacy of the claim, and - at the Seller's request or at the request of the court - to take part in court proceedings regarding the claim. The above provisions shall be binding on the Buyer also after the withdrawal of the Agreement - without any time limits.


Methods of payment

The settlement for the ordered objects is determined individually. Most often it is an advance payment in a fixed amount on the basis of a pro forma invoice. The final settlement of the payment takes place before the object is delivered or upon its receipt based on the protocol.

Our sales department will answer any questions regarding settlements - please contact us.
Phone: +48 734 734 181


We accept payments: 

Traditional transfer.

Ultramoto Sp. z o. o
st. Kilińskiego 86,
22-400 Zamosc,

Cooperative Bank in Izbica

PLN account 60 9610 0002 2015 0032 1570 0001

Secure online payments. 

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We deliver all ordered objects through transport exchanges in Poland and the European Union. In order to determine the cost of delivery, please contact us - we will prepare an individual offer.

Any questions regarding transport costs will be answered by our sales department - please contact us.
Phone: +48 734 734 181