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Container shop. Bet on shopping pavilions.

Container stores

Production and assembly

Company Ultramodule is a producer of objects container with many years of experience We offer a range containers and pavilions for various purposes, including solutions dedicated to commercial activities. As part of our services, we offer much more than stores container – as part of the cooperation, we offer design, production and assembly of high-quality facilities.

Each produced in our factory container is characterized by high resistance to difficult weather conditions, and is also equipped with professional anti-burglary protection. The container stores we offer are suitable for any type of assortment: from small kiosks with the press, through bakeries and grocery stores, to boutiques with elegant clothing or shoes.

Choose a shop container in Ultramodula

The container stores we offer are a highly customizable, cost-effective and functional way to create commercial spaces. Their modular design, durability and wide range of adjustment options to the individual expectations of the investor make them a great option for stores in every industry.

The biggest advantages of our container stores are:

  • functionality
  • durable construction that allows the expansion of the store along with the development of the business
  • high-quality materials
  • professional advice
  • optimal price

Feel free to contact us. Our experts will help you choose the best solution for your store.


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Strength - the structure of the container has high stiffness due to its special structure

use of containers

Durability - the materials and anti-corrosion coatings used guarantee durability for many years

office container prices

Price - a steel frame in combination with a trapezoidal sheet are economical to build

non-hazardous material containers

Safety - each container is made on the basis of our design and calculations, and has electrical measurements

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Quality - quality control at every stage of the process and professional building materials allow us to achieve high quality


Container shops | Ultramodule

shop in container has many advantages and is an excellent alternative to the traditional one building. First of all, it is economical, and also functional and effective. Its purchase costs and construction are low, as is his maintenance. The container construction allows for adjustment to the individual expectations of the investor and the type of a particular store.

Modern containers shop windows made of high-quality materials look impressive and you can also sell exclusive goods there. They are aesthetically made, can be painted in any color of your choice, and thanks to the glass display case, you can beautifully display the interior of the commercial premises.

The key advantage of container stores is also the speed of the "construction" process and their mobility, which is especially important for seasonal businesses.

Unique appearance

One of the features container storesto pay attention to is their unique appearance. The industrial aesthetics of these types of facilities give them a distinctive look that can help them stand out on the market. The containers produced in our plant can be painted in any color indicated by the investor to create an effective shop window. The construction of the container buildings we offer allows you to experiment with various layouts and configurations - also multi-storey, which further expands the possibilities of creating a unique store design.


The aforementioned modularity is also important for another reason. One of the key advantages produced by us shop containers is that they can be easily adapted to changing needs. The modular design of container buildings means companies can easily add containers as their business grows. This makes it easy to expand your store without having to go through the long and expensive process of traditional construction. For example, a company may start with a small shoe store, but as it grows, it can add more modules to create a boutique with a full range of clothing: clothing, accessories and jewelry. With proper construction, the store can be expanded not only in width, but also upwards. Shop containers produced in our factory are made in technology using durable materials. Frame container is welded from cold-formed sections with a thickness of 4 mm and to form a whole pavilion was strong, the columns bolted to the upper and lower frames are also made of solid sections (cold-bent, 4 mm thick, similar to the frame).


The construction of container stores additionally makes these objects easy to transport and move to new locations. This makes them a great option for businesses that need to move frequently or operate seasonally, such as gift shops in tourist destinations. A small container storefront in a seaside town might offer seashells and fridge magnets in the summer and an assortment of Christmas decorations in the winter. At the same time, when the building is not in use, it does not generate unnecessary costs.

The mobility of shop containers also means the possibility of changing the place of the shop or its location of the shop window, so that it is easier for customers to notice. Straight building it also allows for quick and trouble-free arrangement of the interior.


Produced by container stores, they can be equipped inside with all the functions of a traditional one shopincluding counters, showcases and fitting rooms. They can also be designed freely in accordance with the project adapted to the needs of the investor, such as built-in storage solutions or custom facilities. By choosing a container from us, you can not only choose the optimal size of the facility, but also adjust the arrangement of windows, doors and additional partition walls useful, for example, to separate a warehouse for storing supplies. We also offer the option of equipping the store with facilities sanitary with a toilet and even a shower.

Importantly, we offer our containers immediately with an electrical installation based on energy-saving solutions such as LED lighting. This is of great importance for the subsequent maintenance costs of the store. As part of the cooperation, we can adapt the entire installation to the requirements of a specific project - we perfectly understand that a grocery store has different needs related to power consumption than, for example, kiosk with the press. In the first one, it will be necessary to install an installation with the capacity to maintain, among others, refrigerators, and in the latter, all you need is lighting and 230V sockets.

Low construction and maintenance costs of container stores

The construction of even a very small building is a significant cost - not always realistic to bear when starting a new commercial activity. Our offer includes shop containers in various sizes and versions of equipment, thanks to which we can offer a solution tailored to any, even a very small budget. Every business activity, even a small shop, involves some risk. Choice store container trading on the spot reduces the amount of the starting contribution, and thus limits the possible loss. It is worth remembering that in the event of resignation from running a business, the container can be easily and quickly resold. For a building permanently attached to the ground, this process is much more complicated, especially when, for example, it stands on a plot next to house residential.

In addition to the low cost of purchasing a container for a store, it is worth emphasizing the economy of maintaining this type of facility. Utility bills will be significantly lower than for a traditional building.