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Construction container - what is it intended for?

sea ​​18, 2023 | Blog

On every construction site, be it a large-scale road investment, housing estate construction or construction site house single-family, you can meet construction containers. Sometimes they are single modules, sometimes complex multi-storey structures - but they are a permanent element of the landscape of virtually all construction sites without exceptions. However, it is worth considering what it is intended for container construction and why no investment can do without it.


The popularity of construction containers

Construction containers have been growing in popularity in the construction industry for years. Originally designed to transport goods across oceans, these steel crates are great as a cost-effective solution to a variety of construction site needs. Their success is primarily due to their versatility – construction container it can be used both to store construction equipment or small tools and to provide employees with sanitary facilities or social.

Construction office containers

Construction office containers | Ultramodulae


Construction container as an office

Construction containers are often intended for temporary spaces office located on the construction site. For example, during a housing investment in container a small sales office may be located. Modern containers are equipped with all the necessary options to become a comfortable and functional workplace: windows, insulation, heating and air conditioning, and can also be equipped with kitchen and sanitary facilities. Offices on construction sites are also needed as a space for investor meetings with managers of individual stages of work, or as a place to store all project documentation.

Construction container for storage

One of the frequent uses containers construction is storage. Construction sites usually have a lot of equipment and small tools that need to be stored safely. It is important both to protect against theft or simple loss, because thanks to better maintenance of order, it is easier to quickly and efficiently find the tools needed for work. However, containers as storage have another added value: they provide better storage conditions for equipment (without moisture and at a more stable temperature), which in turn reduces the risk of tool failure. This is important from the point of view of work flow - each failure slows down, and sometimes even prevents the execution of tasks planned for a given day.

Storage container

Storage container | Ultramodulae


Sanitary and social facilities, i.e. the basic purpose of construction containers

In addition to storage or a meeting place, the most popular task performed by construction containers is to provide employees with sanitary and social facilities in the form of bathrooms, toilets, cloakrooms or canteens. Depending on the scale of the investment, options can be adjusted container construction to your needs.

In the case of a private construction of, for example, a single-family house, the best solution will be a universal container, which, apart from a toilet, will have a place for a kitchenette and space to rest and shelter in case of bad weather.

The situation is different when a large-scale road or housing investment is involved. Then it is necessary to build a much larger base for employees. The largest single sanitary containers can have an area of ​​up to 16 mXNUMX2, where you can easily place even several shower cabins and toilets with sinks. It is worth remembering that building modular design allows you to connect containers, and the space can be easily expanded.

You can't forget about locker rooms and canteens with kitchenettes, where employees can spend their breaks, warm up a meal or simply hide in the event of a sudden change in weather conditions. When buying a construction container intended for such purposes from a reputable manufacturer, you can immediately order a fully equipped product, even with such trifles as an electric kettle.

Sanitary and social facilities

Sanitary and social facilities from containers | Ultramodulae


Advantages of construction containers for various purposes

Regardless of the purpose for which a construction container is intended, its basic advantages include mobility, resistance to weather conditions, durable construction and a competitive price. Containers are also environmentally friendly as they can be used multiple times and can be recycled at the end of their life cycle.


For large investors who implement many projects, mobility and ease of transport of containers are essential. Having the right number of modules, during each investment, they can easily organize the facilities that are needed at the moment - sometimes it will be more storage space, and other times more cloakrooms or meeting places.

Resistance to weather conditions

Not without significance is resistance to weather conditions and durable construction. Originally designed for sea transport, they are manufactured from heavy-duty steel and built to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. This makes them the perfect choice to leave outside. They help protect equipment, materials and tools from damage, and provide employees with a dry and warm place to rest.

Durable construction

Appropriate construction not only provides construction containers with the above-mentioned mobility, but also allows them to be stacked. This is of great importance when using them on a construction site, where it is often difficult to allocate a large space for the back area, after all, the site is intended for an investment. However, not every container is suitable for stacking. Only solutions offered by renowned manufacturers, made using appropriate technology and using durable materials, make this possible.


Choose a construction container from a proven manufacturer

The comprehensiveness of Ultramodulaa services

The comprehensiveness of Ultramodulaa services

If you want to buy a construction container, it is worth choosing a product from a reputable supplier. This is not only a guarantee of the quality of workmanship, but also the certainty that the selected model will be delivered on time, which is extremely important during construction. Manufacturers who provide comprehensive services - from design to implementation, will also help you choose the best solutions. They will advise and, if necessary, modify the available containers so that they meet the individual needs of the investor.

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