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Service container - why is it worth it?

sea ​​16, 2023 | Blog


Container service - why is it worth it? | Ultramodule


When several decades ago Malcolm McLean, the originator of the idea of ​​both the container ship itself and containers transport companies, he was presenting his idea to the world, he probably didn't realize how big a change he was starting. Containers not only revolutionized the transport industry, enabling the efficient transport of goods around the world, but also found application in a number of structures, from houses i offices to shops and cafes. One of the most popular forms of using these objects is a service container - why is it worth choosing it and what makes it present in virtually every industry? Read the article and learn more.


Advantages of service containers

In today's fast-moving world where only change is constant, all companies are looking for ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs at the same time. One way they can do this is by using containers as a service venue. Such facilities have many advantages compared to traditional buildings, and the attractive price is not the most important one.

Versatility of use

Associating containers with poor quality tin garages, it is hard to imagine their use as a modern service point. However, the service containers currently offered on the market are modern pavilions of universal application. These pavilions can be adapted and equipped for a variety of purposes, from cafes and food outlets to ticket offices and information centers or beauty and hairdressing salons. Containers can be modified, arranging them adequately to the needs of a given industry and company, providing a comfortable and functional space for customers and staff. Reputable manufacturers have in their offer service pavilions in different sizes, with different equipment and, what is important, they give the possibility of changing both in the external structure (e.g. in the number and location of windows) and inside container (for example by adding partition walls). 

Modularity and flexibility

From the very beginning, the idea of ​​transport containers assumed their modular construction - the same "blocks" were easy to fit on board a container ship. For service containers, in practice, this gives you the option of expanding at any time pavilion service with additional modules. Interestingly, it is possible to expand not only horizontally, but also "vertical", i.e. upwards. Containers offered by professional manufacturers can be stacked. For this to be possible, they must be properly structured. High-quality pavilions have a solid structure: the frame is made of 4 mm thick cold-formed sections, and in order to make the whole container really strong, the columns bolted to the upper and lower frames are also made of durable sections, preferably cold-formed. Only such a durable construction allows for stacking. And this is an interesting option, because on a smaller area of ​​\uXNUMXb\uXNUMXbthe land, you can fit a larger service area.

Short lead time and mobility

Another advantage of service containers is their mobility. It results from their construction and form of assembly. Setting up this type of pavilion is a very simple process. After choosing the best model for your business and adjusting it to individual requirements, all you need to do is build the foundation from ready-made foundation blocks. Such an operation will not take more than one day, and in the meantime it is worth installing the appropriate electrical and water installations. The ready service container is placed in the designated place using a crane or HDS, and it takes only several minutes.

also modular the nature of the containers means they can be easily transported and moved. This feature is especially useful for service outlets that may need to change locations frequently, such as food trucks, or for seasonal facilities, such as gift shops. 


Containers are an excellent choice for service points because they are durable, safe and resistant to weather conditions. Made of steel, they are built to withstand the harsh conditions of sea transport, making them ideal for creating buildings for various purposes. The durability also means that the containers require minimal maintenance and can last for years with little refurbishment, making them a cost-effective option.


Service container is low cost

The already mentioned longevity is not the only saving associated with containers services. Compared to traditional brick and mortar buildings, containers are much cheaper to erect and modify. They also require less time (or money) to build, making them a great choice for businesses looking to get up and running quickly. And the sooner the sale of services begins, the sooner the initial investment will pay off. Importantly, in addition to the low cost of purchasing a service pavilion, it is worth emphasizing the economics of maintaining this type of facility. Utility bills will be significantly lower than typical building service.


Why choose a service container?

Because it is a versatile, flexible and cheap solution. Modern finish standard pavilions The number of service facilities is really high, which, combined with the wide arrangement possibilities, makes them perfect regardless of the industry and type of services offered. Service containers, like other objects built in this way, have many advantages. It is especially worth remembering that:

  • service containers mean low costs: both purchase and erection, as well as operation;
  • their quick assembly makes the project implementation time much shorter than in the case of a traditional building;
  • building modular, giving the possibility of expansion along with the development of the business, is an option that no other facility offers.

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