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A house on a plot from a container

Feb 28, 2023 | Blog

Who hasn't sometimes dreamed of having their own small plot of land outside the city, where they could relax in silence, in the bosom of nature, during the weekend? Throw a barbecue for friends and family, or spend time alone in a hammock with your favorite book? If you are reading this article, you have probably managed to make your dream come true: you bought a piece of your own land and you are wondering what to do next. Are you wondering if a house for a plot made of a container is a good idea, or maybe it's better to focus on other solutions? Discover the advantages of container buildings and you will not hesitate a moment longer.


A house for a plot made of a container is a modern solution

Contemporary buildings with containersboth small and small houses Allotment buildings, as well as large-scale ones, do not resemble the “tins” that were popular in our country 20 years ago. Currently, such houses are modern, well-finished constructions that have gained a wide range of supporters due to their profitability construction, durability and short lead time.

Containers Transport trailers are a great option for building a small summer house. It is assumed that their construction is extremely durable and resistant to difficult weather conditions. Choosing as a building for your plot container residential, you can also be sure that you can comfortably use it all year round. 

A house on a plot from a container

A house on a plot from a container


The living containers are well insulated

High-quality residential containers they are not only properly insulated, but also acoustically insulated. For this purpose, reliable manufacturers choose mineral wool with a thickness of about 100 mm combined with a vapor barrier foil. The second insulating layer is a laminated board attached from the inside. However, in order for a container house to be really warm, the roof structure is also important, because most heat escapes through the top. Just like for walls, it is insulated with mineral wool and foil. Suitable insulation is of great importance for the comfort of use. What matters is not only that it is warm in the winter, but above all that there is no unpleasant heat inside in the summer, because, as we know, a summer house is used primarily in the summer months.

They can be arranged individually

One of the advantages of building a house on a plot from a container is the ability to customize the interior to your liking. You can create an open plan, with only a separate bathroom, or divide the space into separate rooms, depending on your needs. Living containers offered by reputable manufacturers are equipped with all necessary devices sanitary, i.e. a toilet, a shower, a washbasin, and the possibility of adding additional walls will allow you to separate a place for a kitchenette.

They have functional equipment

The containers are to play the role of summer houses and can be equipped by the manufacturer with all the elements of a conventional one house. These are primarily, apart from the already mentioned bathroom and kitchenette, heating systems as well as electrical and sanitary installations. Heating is usually provided by electric heaters, adapted to the volume of the container. Reputable manufacturers equip their containers with fully functional electrical installations along with lighting. For economical use, LED lighting is used.


Fast turnaround time and low costs

After purchasing a plot, everyone would like to be able to enjoy its charms as soon as possible. Building a traditional house takes a lot of time and is expensive. You also often have to wait for the popular wooden huts, even several months. A house for a plot made of a container is unrivaled in this respect. Setting up such a facility is a matter of a maximum of a few weeks, and sometimes a few or several days. It often takes the longest to adjust the functional layout of the interior. After ordering the selected house, just wait for the implementation. During this time, you need to prepare the foundation from ready-made foundation blocks, but it will certainly not take more than one day, and also provide the appropriate electrical and water installations. Containers are placed at the destination using a crane or HDS, and it takes only several minutes.

Most importantly, the house containerized it's also inexpensive. Objects with an area of ​​6 m are available on the market2, 12 and 15 meter sizes are also popular. This area is completely sufficient to create a cozy and functional house on the plot, without spending a fortune.


The process of building a house on a plot from a container

To bet on your plot container house just a few simple steps. If you plan this process well, you will soon be able to enjoy your new home. So what are the stages of such construction?

  1. Choosing a facility that meets expectations: you need to match the optimal area, depending on how many people and how often they will use the house.
  2. Functional design. It is necessary to consider the equipment, the division of space, as well as the selection of the necessary installations.
  3. Site preparation. Before the container is placed on the plot, you need to level the ground and prepare the foundation.
  4. Assembly of the container and connection of the installation. It is best to entrust this task to a professional company - choose a manufacturer who will not only take care of the construction of the house, but will comprehensively organize the assembly and connection of all installations.
  5. Furnishing the interior and you can move in!


The container house is your best choice

Building a house for a plot from a container is an affordable, simple and quick solution. Thanks to proper planning and design building you can create a comfortable space that suits your needs. Whether you want to build a tiny house or a slightly larger building for friends and family, a container will be a great choice.

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